Macho Christmas Presents

OK.. this post is for the girls... Macho X'mas presents for the BF. I've picked out a range of 10 gifts for Bfs... varying price ranges (Not listed in any order)...
1. Waals World Time Clock
For the travelling BF, this is a nifty clock with which he can view local time in 24 global times zones. So simple yet so clever! Designed by -Charlotte van der Waals.

2. Cuff Links
If he wears suits to work ( I find that kinda yummy, btw)... get him a pair of nice cuff links. Maybe with matching tie... and if you are familiar with his size tags (meaning.. go sneak a peek) then.. get a shirt as well. But please make sure you have good taste before picking out a whole ensemble... if you know that you generally have bad taste, then I suggest you just get a simple yet smart pair of cuff links.

3. Bose in-ear headphones
OK.. I'm not particularly discerning about the quality of sound... but judging from my brother and BFs I've had in the past who invest quite a bit of $ in speakers, headphones, sound systems because they can actually appreciate that it sounds better... I think these Bose headphones will be much appreciated.

4. Ipod & Dock for the car
You can never go wrong if you buy him something cool for his car. This one he can dock in his car.. and still bring home... or to the office, etc.

5. PM440W Pyramat Sound Rocker
If you're unfortunate enough to have a BF who is addicted to games... might as well get him this.
It looks comfortable. It's wireless. Has a built in Powersub 30 Watt Subwoofer. Functions with games, movies and music Directional Speakers Compatible with iPods, Mp3 players, DVD players, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Wii and all other gaming stations.

6. Holiday for the two of you somewhere....
Get the tickets, and the accommodation settled at least. Itinerary can be planned by the both of you. If you're ambitious ... then plan the whole thing on your own as a surprise for him. *( warning: can be overwhelming... and upsetting if he just complains about stuff when you're there)
7.Mathmos Aduki Lamp
Looks cool. Nice soothing lighting for the bedroom. The lamp changes colour gradually.
8. Wallet &/or money clip...
If you think he needs a new one. Plus he'll constantly be reminded of you :)

9. Willy Care Kit
If you want something cheap... but still good for laughs.
What’s in the Willy Care Kit Box?
1 x Chestnut Brown Mock-Croc Presentation Case
1 x Fluffing Brush
1 x Pair of Styling Shears
1 x Sprucing Mirror
1 x Evening Wear Willy Chain

10. Digital Picture Key Ring
Again...If you want to be cheap... yet thoughtful.
You need to store pics of the two of you in it first before giving it to him.

Note: I really don't suggest gifts 9 & 10 as main gifts for Christmas (unless you aim to disappoint or you're like just a teenager on a S$30 budget). They can be nice stocking fillers though!
Coming soon: Gifts for the Girlfriend.