The Luxury of Choice

The best thing about life is having the luxury of choice.

I am in the midst of deciding what I want to do in 5 or 6 months time. And I have decided to start my own business... selling what? I can't tell you yet. But it involves the wearing of these.... ( So like me to think of the uniform first!) I might hire men for certain special event days too.. in which case their uniform will be a pair of little white shorts and pink Havaiannas. Yes.. All the uniforms White and Pink!

Obviously because I cannot start this until after I finish my present job. And if I divulge my plan now, then someone else might steal the idea and start it first.

Ok shh!!!! wait another 6 months and you'll find out ok. (Hopefully) Unless someone else starts it before that... or I just change my mind and decide to do something else.