Just attained level 1 sport climbing certification this week. I actually liked it very much... I think I've found a new passion in life. Though I have a long way to go (in terms of practice and body conditioning) before I'm readyfor level 2.

Sport climbing is a style of rock climbing that relies on permanent anchors fixed to the rock.

I hate ropes and knots... but if I can learn them.. then so can you!

Holly Jean's Assessment of the Sport

1. Great workout... both body and mind ( because you have to be pretty strategic in planning route up and using least arm power as possible at the lower part of the rock wall. Otherwise... half way through, your arms will feel the burn and it's hard to climb on.

2. Great for your legs... but I think it will give you exceptionally great shoulders.

3. Great for conditioning and improving agility level

4. Outfits can be quite cute.

5. Fantastic hobby to take up with your partner. I don't think girls are any less able at this sport. Yes, we have less strength but it's all about strategy and agility as well.

1. scrapes. Ok... so far I've only had minor scrapes on my ankle. Some other people scrapped knees and elbows. Nothing major.

2. Harness is uncomfortable and ugly! I think I will have to invest in a pink cushy harness (custom made).

3. No more long nails. Had to chop my nails off. :(

4. Costly start up... all the safety equipment, rope, harness.. the shoes! And you have to really care for the dynamic rope, belay devices and carabiners... cannot chuck them around as any hairline cracks will compromise safety.

5. Hands could get pretty rough. Though I don't feel any difference yet.

I hate the descend. Your life is in the hands of the belayer below... why can't I just Climb down!


  1. Anonymous1:13 am

    hey ! this is azizah_sjab[graduate oreadi in 2006]...
    rock climbing is fun ! shd climb more outside! LOL.. come down to my sch n try it out. its more better than ccs. hehee...

    k lah.. takin care. =)

  2. Anonymous10:39 am

    Hey, you've got quite a big ass!

  3. yes Tem.. my ass is bigger than the average Flat bum chinese girl.

  4. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Don't worry dear, coz you've got a pretty face ;-)
    And I do like your blog
    Keep up the good work!

  5. I came across this entry in your blog and what perfect timing it is. I've been toying with the idea of learning rock climbing for ages but haven't been successful in getting anyone to learn it with me. Do people normally go for rock climbing lessons solo? And how do I get started?

    Thanks for the help!

  6. Hi Evon,

    I did it wth a group of friends(about 4 girls and 4 boys)...But u can sign up solo too.

    Check out any of these places (google their website or ring them n ask for level 1 courses in sport climbing)

    CIMB ASIA it's near Lavendar


    supposed to be one in tuas... but i don' know what it's called.

  7. Great. Thanks much, Holly! :)


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