The Princess and the Pug

Obviously a clever twist on The Princess and the Pea... Not necessarily saying that I am royalty. This is Cookie coming too close to the camera. She's such a character.

This is her coming out from her 'playground' under my bed.

Well... pug update.. she's 2kilos now and 4 months old. She has already learnt to pee and poop on newspapers... but I bought a Nugi Pee Tray yesterday (for $48! at Pet Lover's Centre... and I just found out you can buy them onlnie for $38!) and so the whole training process starts again.. she will pee on the tray, no problems there... but she poops outside of the tray! (oh well.. joy!)

I've been obsessing over doggy accessories. Here are 3 really cool finds. I have included the link too, so you can find your own stuff for your poochie.

Happy Trails Stroller: This would allow me to bring her everywhere! At the moment I have a pet carrier bag for her, but I am still afraid to bring her in the taxi and trains etc. So I have to wait for my bro to drive us places instead.

Uber cute Pink hoodie Dress: This cheer leading pink number has rhinestones and pleated skirt... how cute!

Pink Pooch Boots: In pink suede. Not sure how she will take to these boots though.. because even now, her collar bothers her.

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