Online Shopping- Whee!

I'm such a lazy girl. I hate walking around shopping for stuff. There's something magical about clicking a few buttons and then having a package arrive for you in the next week or two. I shop online for practically everything... clothes, shoes, accessories... even my contact lenses. I think I might even order my wedding gown off the Internet... I've seen some really pretty ones online.
So here are a few of my favourite online shopping haunts and I've even picked my favourite items from each website. ( Yes, I am pretty bored and free at the moment)

PURPLE ANEMONE Sells pretty and unique accessories... their handbags are nothing to scream about but they do have some of the most enchanting necklaces and bracelets.

I picked out this charm necklace ($68) because it has Raggedy Ann on it! I find it simply enchanting. Perfect for girly girls.

PRINCESSHOOD Sells Korean/Jap/Taiwanese apparel.

Very Simple white dress that will take you anywhere and everywhere.

SWEET GIFT sells Korean/Jappy clothes and accessories. Prices are low but you have to use careful judgement here... because some items are really nice but a lot of them actually look really cheap in quality and in style.

You can never go wrong with a flowy white top with just a little bit of ruffles. (Only $19.90!)

Cute jumper ($49.90). If only it came in khaki....