Balls Of Steel : Bunny Boilers

Bunny Boiler... this girl, she hits on other women's boyfriends ( right in front of them). It's quite hilarious. This first guy passes, because he could have been an asshole BF, but he chose to walk away. (I can't believe his girlfriend just left him in the room alone with her though...) then again, he should have pulled away when Bunny Boiler sucked on his fingers! Oh.. I dunnoe...

CLICK HERE - Bunny Boiler at Tarot card reading
This next one is hilarious, I was smiling when I saw her get up to whack the crap out of the bunny boiler. haha. I'm not sure how I would react though... being in that position... I think it depends on how my BF takes to the situation, if he were receptive like the loser in the 3rd video... then I'd walk away. If he wasn't interested, and yet she persisted, I'd probably yank her hair.

CLICK HERE - Bunny Boiler at the Park
Ok this 3rd video is the all time worst reaction a GF could get from her BF, such a loser this guy.. sitting there thinking he actually got lucky and struck gold for once, can't believe he was thankful his old GF walked off. What a wanker. Shame on him.

CLICK HERE - Bunny Boiler at cafe
Would your BF have aced or flunked a Bunny Boiler??


  1. Anonymous12:54 pm

    i need a bunny boiler! if he's anything like #2 and #3 i'll dump the farker! -NN
    ps your pug is soooooo cuteeeee


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