1 YEAR blogversary!

Can you believe it? I've been blogging for a year now.

To commemorate this day... I shall pick out my fav blog posts in my 1st year of blogging. Click on the titles below to revisit and/or read posts. (leave comments at the end of each post ok.. I am feeling very bored)

The Imeldas, Evelyns & Victorias

What kind of woman are you? Shoe whore, Bath product obsessor or Lingerie Queen?

Mother Hood, Mother Nature, Mother F*ckers

My gripes with Mother nature and pregnancy, and people who cheat and think they can get away with it.

Hey Nice Guys… Don’t let Jerks have all the fun with women!

My advice to Mr Nice Guys.... they don't always have to finish last! And women, stay away from Jerks!!

C'est la vie!

Such is life- your job will affect how women perceive you.

Lies & Deception: The Vularities of Life.

Paradox of Life: People are most likely to deceive the ones who love and trust them most.

Cheating Husbands and the Other Woman

As the title suggests, this is about infidelity.

The Pick Up Line

The bests and worsts...

"The grass is always greener on the other side...

About vulish discontentment and the unhappiness it can bring you for the rest of your life...



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