The most annoying people on Facebook.

I am ashamed of it... but I am on Facebook.

It's funny how you learn more about your friends through a virtual forum like Facebook than you do in real life.

Hang on... did I say "funny"? I meant sad.

If you have to find out through Facebook that your friend got married some years ago... then don't you think that maybe they were never really your "friends" at all?

Anyway... back to the topic..

Ranked at number 5: The Attention Seeking Photo Whore
Yes, it's nice to see a few dozen pictures of your holiday or party... but really honey.. do we really need to see two million pointless ones of every angle of your body/face possible. Do you also realise that for women, one of the MOST popular angles of these people's self-snapped digital pics are the ariel views. The one where they're innocently looking upwards and the photo points down their cleavage.

number 4: The Person who comments on above mentioned pointless pictures. I mean if you have something to say that will add humour/ satire/ a bit of reminisce then by all means go ahead. I'm all for it. But leave out the "great pic"... "cool" ... meaningless comments which we know you're leaving because you're hoping the recipient will feel obliged to leave comments on your pictures.

Number 3: The Group Junkie
I find most of the groups pointless, they serve no real purpose. Yeah, so you're a member of "The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good"... one pointless group is bad enough.. do you really have to join "I love mullets" , "Hooray For Global Warming" and ten others to repeatedly prove that you have a "Sense of Humour"?

And at Number 2: The Super Poker
Do I have to elaborate? I Poke you, you poke me, I jab you, you hug me, I give you a flying drop kick... and these people do this daily (probably so they'll be more prominent on the news feed)

(Leaving a meaningful hug or kiss every now and then is ok. It carries meaning.)

The Ultimate.. Most Annoying... at Number 1: The Face Collector

Honestly, Person out there with 273 friends, there's no possible way you have 273 friends! (or more)

Have you ever in real life tried to juggle more than 20 friends in your life? It's tiring. Anything more than 60 I deem impossible. If they're just people you met once.... they are not friends. Get it?

A legit minority use Facebook to keep in contact with friends. But please don't fall into the trap of being a Face Collector!

Stop inviting every person you've ever known, or seen, or heard about, or thought you've seen, or heard about, to be your friend. It's pathetic. Despite what you may think, people are not trading cards. They are not to be collected.

Can't you find better things to do than be on Facebook all day browsing people's profiles and figuring out if you saw that one person at a party 4 years ago when you were drunk. (Assuming you're a Face collector, you won't take the chance that it wasn't that person, and just add them to your collection anyway.)

So yeah... I find Facebook annoying. But I can't seem to stop logging on to it.... reading my friend updates and getting thoroughly annoyed all the time. Possibly... I'm also an annoying person on facebook.... the Person Who Hates It Yet Won't Quit It.. :-)


  1. Haha, amusing post! At the risk of annoying you, I must point out that some nice pics of yourself here too :-)

    Re: 230 friends, I guess it is a lot more easier making friends online than in real life!

  2. Anonymous4:55 pm

    totally understand and totally agree!
    tell it like it is...i say

  3. Anonymous9:51 pm

    aww but i have 100 friends =[ and i know all of them.. from childhood friends to current..
    includes about 80% of my whole grade [which is around 120] plus people i know from like dancing school, working etc..

    but im a highschool student. lol its normal!! xDD

    the rest. yep agreed!!

  4. Anonymous1:01 pm

    My pet peeve on facebook:

    50 people commenting "omg. soooo cute!" on every baby pic. I may start commenting: "eh, not really that cute. could be cuter."

  5. Anonymous3:30 am



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