Girl Gadgets!

No no... it's not all about Pink.... Girl gadgets are slick, sophisticated and classy looking unlike their male counterparts. Yes they do pretty much the same thing but we girls happen to place a high value on aesthetic quality.. so no black boring earphones for me.. no matter how good the sound is.

Here are my top five girl gadgets of 2007 ( I want I want I want!!!!!)
5. Girly Earphones by Swapsets
These delicate and pretty looking earphones look fab! AND you can get them to fit customised head accessories like headbands! Works with your Music players and most Mobile Phones (2.5mm plug) !!!

4. Philips- Swarovski Flash Drive
Heart shaped, Crystal encrusted. 1Gig. Looks great dangling off your neck, your key ring or even your bag.

3. Cyber Fridge from Electrolux
If Only it came in a pink sheen... but Silver is ok... the colour fits most kitchens. Appearance wise... the good people at Electrolux have to pretty it up a bit more.. think reflective surfaces, rhinestones, glass and pretty fixtures guys!! But purpose wise, this is THE multi-functional mega gadget. With touch screen built in computer and web access. Perfect for music in the kitchen and accessing recipes and nutritional info online... I can also order groceries online from cold storage. Easy peasy. Of course... it is a little extravagant... (will see how rich I am when I get my own home.. might have to do without it.)

2. Sony's really pretty cameras!
Skye bought me the red T50 a while ago. Best GF gift ever! I love it...
1. Tiny Pink Sony Vaio
With matching accessories... mouse, case, EVERYTHING! *Swoon*


  1. #4 would make a great gift. I just hope the crystal cover doesn't fall off easy. Do you know where this would be available?


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