Find Humour in Things You Suck At.

I am in great need of cheer. I have to go for the sec 2 camp in changi. And I have to be present the whole day and night until friday. Tell me that is not beyond the call of duty. Tell me I am not an underpaid minion. Tell me it's not prison like to subject an adult to that. Chaperone. GREAT.

Countdown... 10 months to the end of my bond!

Here's some old nonsense. Glad these kids had a sense of humour about their stupidity over math and such.

In school, I sucked at geography and maps and stuff... ( I still do now), and i remember in one question, I had to name the capital of Switzerland... and I looked down at a classmate's school bag, it had a logo of (what looked to me like) the Swiss Alps. So I put my answer down as - Lowe Alpine.
Hey, it made my teacher smile.

Also... when a friend of my ex-bf was dating a Romanian girl.. I thought she was from Rome. Haha...

Yeah... ok, laugh and feel good about my stupidity. I'll whoop your ass in Scrabble! (Ok, with the exception of Skye who has beat me at it the last 2 times... I insist it was a fluke though!)