If you're in a room with a man and a woman... the difference is - The woman knows what you're thinking.

Women are approximately TEN TIMES better than men at reading tone and body language. TEN TIMES.

I think it's a pretty fair trade off, men get the muscles and we get the bit of the brain that makes us more in tune with emotions, body language and good ol' intuition.

Where has this gotten me so far?

Let me share with you men ( and girls who have not realised this super power yet)

Holly Jean's Top 5 ways to spot the man who's Good in Bed

5. He's Erect.
Got your attention didn't I?
I mean posture. Bad posture indicates laziness. If he stands straight, it means he wil make the effort.

4. He walks Fast.
The man's got places to go. He has a sense of urgency and purpose in life. He's confident so, he'll be willing to try new positions and places. He has goals to reach in life, and in bed (yay!). Bad part about this is that it is also the mark of an impatient man (which I find a turn off), and possibly someone who skips foreplay.

3. His hands do as much talking as his mouth.
I find men who use confident, sweeping hand gestures while talking... end up favourable in the bedroom. Think-- creative & fun.

2. He commands several tongues.
If he's tri-lingual... (speaks more than 2 languages) it means he's intelligent (woot!), and works hard for rewards. Plus foreign languages are just sooo sexy.

1. Sniff him.
I'm not talking after-shave or sweat here. But if you get a sense of comfort from nestling close to him because the way he smells kinda calms you... then the more genetically complementary the two of you may be.

I'm no professor here. But these rules have pretty much seen me to where I am today. So if I were you, I'd pick up a few hints ! :P Haha (only jesting)


  1. Anonymous7:18 pm

    I walk fast but I don't think I'm impatient or I want to go places.

    It's just...natural...

  2. Anonymous8:54 pm

    I suspect this is one of those things where meaning is given to certain things way too loosely. It could all easily mean the exact opposite to what you've just written. For example:

    A man who gesticulates a whole lot could be one who exaggerates a lot. Which suggests he is making up for some kind of inadequacy. Of course you can't have inadequacy without insecurity. And those things just can't be good for the sex life. Except it might make one more of a slag. Let's face it - insecure girls are bloody easy. Think those fat mingers who are ALWAYS on the pull.

    I did an interview with this woman who gesticulated a lot. And the less she knew what she's talking about (you could so tell), the more and more exaggerated the gestures got. What's my point? I just wouldn't.


    Oh and he doesn't have to command several tongues. He only has to command one tongue. His tongue.

    I agree somewhat with the compatible smell thing. I think we might have watched the same documentary. Having said that, genetic compatibility (which ensures the healthiest possible offspring, which in turn ensures the longevity of our genes) does not necessarily equate to sexual compatibility.

    Then again, I wouldn't fuck a smelly woman.

    Random point: One of the most attractive qualities of Singaporean girls - they smell nice.

    Anyway sorry luv, but I think I'll stick to my tried and tested means of spotting a woman who's good in bed:
    I try very hard to remember. Hah!

  3. Hey Fictionaire,
    Yeah I agree with your point on gestures. I have actually come across people who gestured a lot but was just so full of bullshit.

    But I'm just kinda attracted to confident gesturing, but of course I cant just look at the gestures and not listen to him.

    Tricky ... this "making up for inadequacy" thing....Kinda like saying- don't date the man with the flashy car cos he probably has a small dick. ha ha.

    Do you mean the women back in London didn't smell good? Or are you comparing to like... thai women or something? I would have thought we had a bigger chance of smelling bad here cos of the sweat and humidity!

    What's that cute pronunciation defect you have called? not a lisp... but it happens when u say words like "Worry". Ends up sounding like Worwy. Well.. what do you think that Elmer Fudd Syndrome in men equates to in bed? :-D

  4. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Spot On!

  5. Anonymous6:22 pm

    So you HAVE gone out with the guy with a flashy car then.

    Elmer Fudd has a big rifle. And a big head. I don't have a big rifle or a big head. So no, I don't know what the Elmer Fudd Syndrome equates to in bed. Let me know when you find out. I'd love to know. :)


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