8 Random Facts about me

Blogger Shantanu tagged me with this Random Facts Thingy.

So here are 8 Random Facts about Holly Jean...

1. A few years ago, when I was single (Post-Daniel, Pre-Ashley phase), I made it a point to date a man from every country in the world. I managed to cover all countries except Korea, the middle east(I'm thinking this covers like Iraq, and Israel and stuff), Russia, Greenland, Africa (I have dated a South African though) and Iceland. Not a bad feat eh.

2. I have dry skin.

3. I never sing anywhere or anytime. Not even in the shower. But I like the stage and acting.

4. I can't hold my alcohol. I become an ass.

5. I love shoes and my feet are US sz 7.

6. I am not enjoying work. I plan to buy myself a nice pink Vaio lap top to commemorate the day my contract ends and I leave. I refuse to buy that lap top right now cos I'd fill it with work related stuff. So I will buy it in June next year to signify my starting afresh.

7. I cannot swim. But I have at least 20 bikinis at the moment. I love the sea and snorkling and water activities... but I keep having thoughts at the back of my mind that my inability to swim would finally be the cause of my death. But that hasn't stopped me yet. I've even surfed before... yay!

8. Last one... hmmm... I need a new mobile phone. I seem to have the shittiest luck with phones... always lose or spoil them.

Lemuel, Fictionaire, Sean, syl TAG! If you play along, you have to list eight random facts about yourself, tag other bloggers and let them know they have been tagged.


  1. Cool! That was great and you were the fastest among those I tagged. And yes, you must learn to swim! :)

  2. Anonymous10:43 am

    Have you dated anyone from Czech Republic?

  3. Yes I have.. from prague,his initials are R.T. why u asking? Do u know him? There aren't many in SG.

  4. Anonymous10:05 pm

    I know this guy from Czech recently and I thought you may know white man better so I ask for your opnions.. :) I didn't know there are few Czechs here. How's the one you dated? Do you agree with me that they are different from other whites? Jas


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