I am my own Freud.

Skye's off to China tomorrow, his student Chris Rogers is playing the European tour... and he's there to coach/caddy for Chris in Shanghai & Beijing.

What sould I do in the next two weeks to keep from burrying myself in work and keep me sane?

I'd say exercise. But that hasn't worked out very well for me lately.

I think i'll go shopping everyday and spend the 2 weeks worth of taxi $ which would have been used to travel from his place to mine. Sounds like a plan.

Retail therapy is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer's mood or disposition. Basically, just buy things that make you feel good.

I get a greater pleasure from wearing something that I've just bought rather than something I've already worn before (even if I look good in it).
:) SHooooeeeezzzzz

I'll update you on my loot.