Fluff and Stuff

Ok. I know, it's been about three whole weeks since I last blogged.

*head bowed in shame* But I have a demanding job. And recently, I've been so bogged down by it, I've not had the mood to post.

So to cheer myself up, I searched for pretty things online. If you don't already know... I just love Hello Kitty stuff and girly fluff.

I was brought up a girly girl, typical pink frock wearing, Barbie doll playing, teddy bear hugging, My Little Pony watching, having 2 Caboodle cases full of play make up type of Girl.

By the way, I see nothing wrong with it. Best childhood any girl could ever ask for in my opinion.

So this is another fluff filled entry in my blog (about time too).

Holly Jean's TOP FIVE most coveted Hello Kitty Merchandise. (Only shit thing is - most of them are over priced..... that and I actually don't like cats. I prefer dogs. I guess Hello Kitty is the only exception I make)

Anyway here they are:

Tied at Number 5: Hello Kitty Laundry Bin.

Hello Kitty Hard Case Luggage.

Number 4: Hello Kitty Mobile Phone

I'll probably lose or damage it within a month though.... I've never had much luck with phones

But it's so so so very pretty!
Number 3: Hello Kitty Mini Fridge
(Perfect storage for my make up and perfume)

Number 2: Hello Kitty Sheets
Sweet dreams are made of these...who am I to disagree...

Number 1!!! Hello Kitty Lap Top
Complete with pink faux fur trim!

I want to cuddle this.

OK... Give me Please. Thank you . (haha...)


  1. Anonymous5:14 pm

    Darling, you are such a vule x

  2. Strangely Hello Kitty isn't available in India and I only discovered this during my trip to Tokyo and Seoul. And of course, my Barbie-loving lil angel (who's all of 4 years now) adores everything Hello Kitty!


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