Time & Tide

I was out last night for a quick drink... it was after all, ladies night. I have not been out on a Ladies night for possibly a year and a half now. When I was younger ( read: 18 to 24 years young), the allure of free house pours and shots was enough to lure me out on a school night, every week.

But as I get older, it takes more than that. Sleep is too much of a luxury now.

Anyway... I was out on Wednesday night (yesterday), and walked around Clark Quay... looking for a suitable watering hole. Did not want to go into MOS or Clinic because I realise I only ever start having fun there only after I have drunk quite a lot. And I wasn't prepared to do that.

We came to realise we were only left with Attica (God Forbid!), so instead we thought it might be a good idea to go down to Mohd Sultan. St James was the other option, but Md Sultan was close by.

I was surprised at how it had changed. Only a few years ago, this place was the haunt for me and my girlfriends. We share many happy memories of club hopping (and later in the night stumbling... and then crawling) from one joint to the next, all free for girls on Wed nights. But these joints (I'm remembering Samsara, Mdm Wong, Cheeky Monkeys...) are no longer there. Double O is still there but very dead looking. The whole strip has been replaced by numerous Sushi restaurants, boutiques, manicure and massage parlours.

I settled for Vino Vino ( Where the old Siam Supper Club used to be)... and I ordered a beer ( yes, in a place with a wine list longer than my hair) (I like beer. I'm uncultured like that). Sat outside and just gazed down the street. I pictured the old crowd, people hanging around outside the pubs, crossing the road, parking by the street, people puking in drains... the works. And then it all disappeared, like the fuzzy distant memory it is.

I thought to myself. Life... it waits for no man. Life carries on whether you're there or not. Whether you move with it or just fade into the background. Life carries on.


  1. Anonymous2:31 pm

    I passed thru MS some time ago, and was so shocked - it was like aghost town! :( We are so OLD. remember newsroom bar? muahaha LOL. catch ya soon babe, school's killing me -- NN


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