The Great Escape

Ok... exaggeration on my part.

This long weekend will be a mini escape for me.

The Chinese New Year holidays would mean I don't have to be back in school until wednesday.

I will be going to Perth for a couple of days or so. I leave tomorrow night. Will be great to see Grandma and the rest. Last time I was in Perth was in june 2005! WHere has the time gone?

I am looking forward to this. Not only because I get to see family but because I really need the break from work. Shame that Skye can't come with me, he's flying to Florida tonight (*pipe in sentimental music and tears*)

He's going for training at Champions Gate, and then after that, he'll be visiting his folks in France. All in all he'll be gone a month! ONE MONTH! (though as I'm typing this entry now, I realise the horror of this hasn't really set in yet. I think I will feel the grief after he actually leaves tonight)

My job does not allow me the freedom to go wherever I want, whenever I want to. I can only travel during the school holidays (where is a peak period Travel nightmare) and even then, I have to apply for leave and might not get it depending on the amount of work and responsibilities I have.

This has to be the biggest con of having my job.


Yeah well, back to the point... The Great Escape.
THis will be the longest time that we've spent apart. It is the perfect opportunity for me to do some soul searching and reflecting.

I don't consider it an escape in every sense of the word. Not like I've been trying to run away from him. I love him. I want to be with him.

But I consider it an escape from routine. Escape from what I have come to consider as normal for the last year and a bit.

With the next four weeks free.. I will finally learn my French so I won't be a complete twat when we go to France in June (hopefully!).

I will exerciseeeeeeeeeeee. (Yes I will!)

OK, that's probably about all the difference I can manage in the next four weeks... seeing that school is going to leave me tired and burdened. Am not kidding.
Happy Chinese New Year!
Happy long holidays!

I will update you when I get back from Perth on Monday. I have to go now, Skye's almost done packing. We're leaving for the airport soon. :(