And...Another One Bites The Dust.

Ok... so the title above is somewhat ironic... because I for one am pro- marriage. Getting married is not some kind of surrender, not defeat.

But do you realise how much weddings cost?!

Not only do we not have that kind of money to put into a wedding... but I wouldn't want to have a wedding that cost that much either.

Yet there's still that old jones' issue... if I see my friends have such wonderful weddings... I want one tooooooooooooooo *whiney voice*......

My old friend Wyn got married last month and yes... the dinner was quite a grand affair, but it set him back $50k(Just dinner, photo stuff, suit and dress!!!) . And my cousin Troll just flew down from Perth yesterday to be the bridesmaid for her good pals' wedding which costs no less than $36K. I have no idea how much Mel spent on her wedding but her honeymoon was $14K.

So if you look at it from THAT perspective.. Another One Bites The Dust.