Revenge is a Dish Best Served cold

To anyone who has ever been hurt.
It helps to hate the one who hurt you... makes you move on to better things faster.

But I find that the best solace comes from revenge. Don't you?

Why just wish for someone to be miserable as you cry yourself to sleep at night? Actions speak louder than words, actions are the crux to makings things a reality.

Let's play scenarios here. Let's say... you're a girl and you find out your boyfriend has been secretive about his whereabouts... not because he was planning a nice surprise for you but maybe because he was actually at a sleazy place with cheap 3rd world GROs. Who you gonna call? *Cue Ghost Busters theme song*

[well... you could call me(or email)... I'm more than happy to help]

Or you can just follow my 3 step guide:
1. Everyone makes mistakes, so forgive and forget. But of course, don't just turn a blind eye. Make it clear that you do not stand for what he has chosen to do.

Allow this only ONCE. If a repeat of similar shit crops up somewhere down the line... proceed to step 2.

2. Get EVEN. Remember.. key word here is even. Make him feel the same betrayal you felt. Yes, some people call this spite... but I see it as helping someone to understand what it feels like to have a taste of his/her own medicine.
(I know it's hard to be exactly even, but do try to get it in the ballpark)

And yet, if that doesn't work. I suggest you stop wasting your time on them. Not before you make your last hit, of course.

3. Revenge. You got to hit where it will hurt... most. No point setting his house on fire when you know damn well that he has a kick ass insurance policy or the house isn't even his. (You should also try not to do things which might get you in trouble with the law.) No point bringing your best pals on a shopping spree with his atm/nets card when you know his daddy's rich and the money's not his.
Going back to the Sleaze Boyfriend Scenario: This is what I would do. Let's say your BF has a respectable position at work (of course most people have this.. otherwise you wouldn't date them.. now would you??... joking!) .. you should plaster his office building with pictures of him and his "respectable friends" at the sleaze place with his face clearly shown. Then for good measure, list his full name, job title, and a short write up about this after dark activity of his. * The Internet and announcement page in the newspapers is a good way for spreading this useful information as well (if you're that intent on causing grievous harm).

*Remember- as long as it's the truth and you have evidence, you will win the defamation suit.

oh... I think I should warn you.. that although revenge helps you to move on, and very often feel better... do remember that AN EYE FOR AN EYE ONLY LEADS TO MORE BLINDNESS