Hear it not, Duncan; for it is a knell That summons thee to heaven or to hell

Next year, one of the texts my school will be doing is Macbeth... and I really hope I get to teach it because Macbeth is my all time Shakespeare favourite.

But the bells that I've been hearing recently is not knell* (Thank God!!!)... rather, they are Wedding Bells. Not my own though (Thank God???).

Two of my colleagues are getting married later this month. And one of them mentioned today that she was apprehensive about having the song Bittersweet symphony, by The Verve, played when she and her husband make their entrance into the ballroom (She's having it at the FULLERTON!). And I said.. go for it!
I have been listening to The Verve (It's playing on Myspace for the time being, CLICK HERE) and I picture them entering the ballroom (which she plans to have all black and gothic with red accents), and the instrumental version of Bittersweet Symphony surrounds the whole room. It's going to look like an Evanescence video.

Not necessarily the theme I want for my own wedding but I think hers is going to be damn cool... but this kinda dampens my original idea of having WonderWoman played while I walk down the church aisle at my own wedding some day. WonderWoman is going to sound laughable and worse still, for those who don't get it, they might think I'm just so full of myself! Mental note: Need to look for a better theme and vogue song now.

Ok.. will go start planning my dream wedding now... and I'll update you.

* Knell: sound made by a bell for a funeral/death.


  1. Anonymous10:44 am

    Weddings = pictures

    Unfortunately we are not all David Baileys...

    On the bottom of the main page download:

    Google's picture software - Picassa

    It is a very good piece of software
    (especially the red eye remover)


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