Superzero Me

About a year ago, I watched this show called Supersize Me. The thing is, when i paid for the movie tickets, i was under the impression that it was a show like American Pie or Scary Movie. But if you recall... it's some documentary on McDonald's food making you fat. Grr! Imagine my disappointment.

Anyway, I was reading LIFE today, and there was a write up about women... shrinking to a size 00. Yes, DOUBLE ZERO. Which is equivalent to the UK 2! And Zero would be the UK 4. UK 6 and 8 used to be ideal... but how times have changed.

Now actually, this is already pretty old news. but why am i blogging about it? Well, let me give you some background info. Over the last few months, I went on a salad diet which was torture... cambridge diet which was sheer vomit inducing to me... and made me pig out after. Then I told myself.. no more diets. It's not the sort of thing I can be good at. ( Which is ironic, because only a couple of years ago... I used to just naturally hate food, and spent all my money on shoes and clothes instead.) So..I bought myself a pair of Nike womens running shoes at the start of September this year. To date, I've taken them on only ONE short run to the beach in which I managed to get my BF into a little mishap by the waterbreak... cuts and bruises.. hurt his back and hand which jeopardised his golf game the next day. Enough said.

So I was sort of resigned to fate. Until I saw the article in LIFE today.And it brought back the whole desire again.. to get that flat abs and toned legs back.

I'm not sure if it's age that's doing this to me or just years of subconscious deprivation. But I have cravings... from KFC original wings to Macadamia chocolate( I used to hate the taste of chocos) to Bubble tea ... and the list goes on and on. Skye mentioned that maybe it's just contentment that's making me swell. Cos I'm happily attached so I let myself go????? I sure as hell hope not!

But this theory does have some truth in it. When I was with my ex bf, i used to go for his friendly soccer matches. And.. there was another player whose girlfriend was on the fat side. And I overheard the others say that she's put on so much weight this past year.. blah blah... and then another quipped- That's cos she's comfortably settled with her Bf. She's happy. WTF.

OK... if you reach the comfort zone in your relationship... it's ok to let farts out or lie in bed all day like the lazy ass that you are or miss your brazillian by a few days ... but get fat? That's a crime.... to your own body**. --- Of course, in the quest for the Super Double Zero, there is such a thing as going toooo far. That's when you cross the line from super slim to downright disgusting. This is what Nicole Richie has done. ( These are the same pics used in LIFE).

Nicole on the right... yep.. looking rather chubs. She lost some weight after Simple Life.. and she looked great. but she didn't know where to stop. look at her now.

Did you know - Victoria Beckham is now 42Kgs! 42!!!! And she's not short, so 42 is commendable weight for a mother of 3. And she doesn't look gross like Nicole.

Here's a pic of me at my lightest. Adult weight that is. Cos I was a real scrawny tween and an even smaller teenager. So here's me early 2003 ( tht would make me 22yrs old). was at my lowest weight at 43kgs. 1.65M tall (posing as someone 1.68m tall of course.. ).

And this is me again... but in mid 2006. 3 years older, same height of 1.65 ( and no longer lying that I was 1.68), and 50kgs!

Obviously thicker around the waist and rounder st the hips. You have not seen my thighs or butt yet! I think that is where most of the 7 kgs went to. The thing is.. it's october now, and I think I'm 52kgs. I am not going to actually step on a scale to confirm that. I don't want to. neither am I going to take a picture in a bikini.

If I were offered the choice between being plump and happy OR skinny and miserable... I'm nearly certain that I'd choose plump and happy. Yes, I have achieved wisdom upon turning 26 last week. BUT... if only I were offered the chance to do a bit of barter. Let's say- 30% of happiness in exchange for a corresponding reduction in the size of my thighs.

Will somebody Superzero me Please!

**confession- I ate 5 fish fingers and a huge dollop of dip as a snack while i typed this.


  1. wow, i really got no idea wad youre
    youre figure is great !
    haha, serious

  2. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Darling, you look great - there is absolutely no reason to worry......


  3. thanks Clem... and thank you my darling. But u both are biased. Skye I know u'd love me no matter what.

    But wanting to be slim is for my own satisfaction. not horribly thin.. no worries. a lean thin is what i'm looking for.

    I just wish it were as easy as when I was younger. am so lazy and tired, and busy. Someone please invent a machine tht moves my body for me while i sleep, so i utilise my 5 and half hour a day sleep time for exercise.

  4. hoho ~ miss holly . SUPERZERO ah ? haha . good luck man . corky comments but heck . aniwaes , u DO look great ! no matter wat . better den d other teachers in skool . haha . im mean . i noe . but i cant help it neither is leticia who is beside me now . kwang kwang kwang . hahas . aniwae , do be lenient ( duno how its spelled ) wen marking d exam papers . esp when ur marking mine ! ((: hahas . rock on ms holly . n tat poodle bag is jus adorable . where's d dog ? hahaha . tata ! ((:

  5. Anonymous3:08 pm

    cher. you are pretty, no matter what. (:

  6. Anonymous11:48 pm

    hot babe, ur gettin seriously anorexic if u lose anymore weight..

  7. WOW you look stuning now
    You don't need to lose weight that is for sure, you are perfect


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