Schizophrenic and Deluded

Hello friends & strangers,

Please rate my site. You can do so by clicking on the voting thingy on the right column/sidebar. I've been trying to channel more traffic to my site, it's been exactly one week now that I've been blogging and I've only had 103 profile views. Average of less than 20 views a day. That's pathetic.

I'm begining to feel like I'm blogging only to myself.

Which isn't much different from talking to myself (which I do quite often).


Anonymous said…
yEs cHeR I ToTaLlY AgReE ThT uUe aRrE ScHiZoPhReNiC AnD DeLuUdEd... hhEEEhEEEXXXX...kIdDiN... UuR BlOg rUlEx...
Anonymous said…
We're so awfully glad that ye finally figured it out... unfortunately... we forgot to bring the champagne and salutes...

euodia said: "and that gunky stuff you call caviar (AND BRING IN BLING AND BLING AND BLING)WOOHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!
Clement said…
haha i do too have the same
feeling dat im blogging to myself.
for the fact that i've been reading
every single one of ur posts
and commenting on most of them
i do think ur blog is really
interesting and nice.
Do come and visit mine..
haha blogging just becomes more
lame, add a tagboard
soon people will start talking to
you through it.

Clem (: