The Haze Phase

Ok, the haze has finally got me. Previously unaffected by the smog for the last month or so... I am now down with a bad bad throat (I sound like a pubescent boy whose voice has just cracked) and breathing is not a joy.

I don't want to turn my blog into a rant site where I just go on and on about the bloody Indonesian forest burning assholes and the people around them who are obviously not doing enough about it.

Designers should create fashionable masks. For instance, an LV monogram mask.So it'll become like an status symbol, and brand whores will start wearing them. And then the masses will follow suit with their cheap versions. Either way.. We'll all be protected. Of course.. No one normal would seriously wear a mask now... it looks stupid and it would make you feel extremely self conscious.

Though kids can have Hello Kitty masks... or spongebob/ ultraman/whee....

Cute. But I think it would be extremely uncomfortable wearing a mask. Yes... you can have microfibre ones or masks with silk bands... but it would get awfully annoying, and sweaty as well.

Maybe they should just sell small oxygen tanks that you can tote around, and have a fresh oxygen perk as required. And these tanks are like small and light like hair spray canisters.And refillable at 7-eleven. Or better still.. OxyTabs (copyright HollyJean 2006 !)... which would be like effervescent tablets that you put in a glass of water and it fizzles and gives out bubbles of wonderful fresh oxygen. So you just put your nose above the glass and breathe in while it fizzles. ahhh....

I long for fresh air. Can you tell?

Or micro nose filters which you stick into your nostrils. They're invisible once in and you won't feel a thing. But not only do these babies cut the pollutants out, they also come in a range of scents to suit your needs, much like aromatherapy. For instance, a keep-me-awake scent would be useful for those in boring but important lectures or are driving. A relaxing scent for those who are too wound up. Or a aphrodisiac type scent which you can stick up your boyfriend's nose while he's asleep and unaware. I'd buy them (not that I actually need these particular one... haha).

I would draw you pictures of my inventions. But of my many many many talents, drawing is not one of them.

Which of my haze relief ideas/inventions do you like best?
- Designer masks
- refilllable mini oxygen canisters
- OxyTabs
- Aromatherapy enhanced nose filters
- None. Thy're all stupid. I'd rather breathe in the smog and die before my time.

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  1. Anonymous8:34 pm


  2. I will :) will be back in school on Monday. Hope all of u stayed out of trouble while I was on MC

  3. Anonymous6:25 pm

    We should concentrate on the cause and not the effects....... Why do the Indonesians need to burn their forests. Cut the trees down if they need the space. Foreign governments should send their lumberjacks in, that way they keep the wood and can make money for their inconvenience. The pollution and health problems that they haze causes are horrendous. There should be international sanctions put in place.


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