Where's the icing on my cake?!

It's a dirty job- but someone's got to do it. And the honour, today, falls on me. I'm 26 now.

No doubt.. my form class 2E1 will have something up their sleeves. The angels.

Skye has been a gem as well... Planning little surprises, trying to make the day special.

My mom got me the sugee cake i wanted, with wedding white soft icing. If I could, I'd eat wedding cake everyday!

But I just don't seem to desire anything. I don't want any material thing... if I did, I would have just bought it myself anyway. Like... if you were going to buy me something ... you might as well just chuck the money in my face instead... cos really, all that you're doing is just saving me a bit of money by buying me something I could have bought myself.

It's supposed to be my special day... but
nothing seems to be the icing on my cake.
Is that a sign that my life at this point is so complete? Or is it trying to tell me that there's a void that can never be filled?

When did Birthdays get so hard?


  1. hey.. get a tag board!! =) hee i'm here!!

  2. hello my lady love, haha..
    i'll be starting to write
    you a new song for a new
    birthday teacher.
    i got no money to buy presents
    but hhaa do look out for my
    rhymes.. starting on it
    happy birthday./

  3. Anonymous6:00 pm

    yummy, looks delicious.. lucky u! (=

  4. Anonymous9:50 pm

    hey cher. happy birthday (: . link me up if can (:

  5. happy belated holly! :)

  6. Anonymous10:30 am

    Maybe you are just contented... Lucky you, wish I had a Skye too!

  7. Anonymous10:47 pm

    happy belated bday . :)

  8. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Hi Holly,

    It's my BIRTHDAY on Thursday, there is a gathering at Indochine on Clarke Quay at 2100. Would love it if you dropped by.


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