Are You Still Just An Ape?

By nature, man loves change. He is attracted by beauty, attracted by novelty. To this, the Yoga Vasishtha gives a philosophical reply: "From the moment one has obtained something desired, it is no longer desirable. The desire to obtain something disappears at the moment it is obtained." -- The Kama Sutra --

Is that why some women play hard to get? I've never played games when it comes to relationships. If i like you, then you don't have to do anything to get me, if I don't like you in that way.. then you could give me diamonds and pearls, worship and praise, or even the world and it would not change the way I feel about you.
Do men really like it when a woman seems unobtainable? Like some primitive "thrill of the hunt" instinct that did not evolve along with everything else.

When I was a child, I wanted Teddy Ruxpin. ,a bear which could talk and read bed time stories: The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin and Friends. But my parents could not afford it, so I had to get a Pound Puppy instead. But I longed for Teddy Ruxpin. I prayed for it. I begged for it. The more I realised I could not get it... the more I really needed it. Until one fine day, a few years on ( ok... ok... I was already like 20... and dating men, and was in university, and earning money modelling, and was out clubbing...and other adult oriented activities.) ... I purchased my Teddy Ruxpin from Toys'r'us.

Teddy read me a story, which I found incredibly boring. And the mechanical mouth movements, and eye- blinking became incredibly annoying. Now Teddy is on the shelf, along with all my other stuff which I at some point of time in life desired. Collecting dust.

But in that particular case, apart from poor Teddy's feelings, the human nature to cease to desire that which is obtained did not hurt anyone.

It's always a whole different ball game when it's human beings which are the objects of desire. When I was in Tampines Junior College, there was this hockey player, let's call him GKK for short. He was no Brad Pitt, but he did have nice hair, good bod, and cheeky smile... the kind which one could use to get away with murder. But I wasn't attracted to him. Only when I realised that a lot of girls in school sought after him, and even my friend Sarah had noticed him.. he was suddenly desireable to me. When I finally got to know him, and went out... I realised I was only attracted to him, because he was desired by others. I'm glad I've grown up since then

I guess Yoga Vasishtha isn't 100% right. (oh.. look at me..challenging the mighty Kama Sutra). Yes, the desire to obtain something disappears the moment it is obtained... only if it were not a true desire in the first place, but a superficial one. That's how you can test if you really desire something. If you get it and you don't really want it all that much afterall.. then you never really wanted it in the first place. It wasn't your being that desired it, but a combination of external influences.

Either that.. or you're still just an ape.


  1. Anonymous11:32 pm

    I'm just an ape..


  3. sometimes i really see you
    as two different persons
    in school youre the all caring
    loving and lovable teacher
    but out from school ure a whole
    different person..
    more like a lady like
    man-mesmerizing machine
    but one thing for sure dsnt change
    in you in or out of school
    that juicy brain of yours
    filled with so much intelligence
    i really admire ur great command
    of english.
    that makes you all fit to be
    my english teacher.. (:


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