Bumper Post: Bellabox Event and Review

Last Thursday was a big treat for myself and many other lifestyle and beauty bloggers. We were invited to the bellabox event at Anoinette Patisserie on Penhas Road.
The whole place was decked out bellabox style! And some of the brands which bellabox features set up their booths at Antoinette, to share with us all the new and exciting products coming our way.
Antoinette is such a pretty patisserie with a chic french influence. It was my first time there. 
 Their cakes and desserts are sooo yummy.
I especially loved the bellabox macaroons they prepared that day!
Of course, all of us left with some awesome goodie bags.... whoohoo!!!! And in this post, I'll share with you what happened at the event, show you the goodies we received and also review the latest Spring bellabox.
 For make up, there were brands like Sleek and Sigma, both of which I have used. And I also learnt about a new brand called Me Me Me which none of us in Singapore would really get a chance to experience, if not for bellabox constantly sourcing and bringing in these foreign gems.
We watched a make up demo and got our hands on their make up on display. I'm very impressed with the pigmented colours that Sleek and Me Me Me have.
One of my make up drawers at home is now filled with these fabulous cosmetics I received that day. There's the Pout Paint and liner from Sleek, a Sigma blending make up brush and eye shadow, and a nail file, lipstick and eye colour called Dew Pots from Me Me Me.
Over at the Cellilux booth, we got to try out the Cellilux Glacial Mineral gel. 
I tested it out on my hand, it's a clay mask which is cool and smooth. Layer it on and allow it to air dry for about 15 minutes.
Then just rinse it off and you will have smoother, softer and brighter skin.
This Glacial Gel works into the deepest skin layer and draws out the impurities. I received a tub, and I'm definitely adding this to my weekly routine. :)
Nuxe is a luxurious French brand of high performance skin care products. It uses natural active ingredients and is without parabens or mineral oils. I was amazed at how lovely their products smelled despite not having any fragrance added. It turns out it's the natural smell of the flowers and natural ingredients in these products which smell so divine!
I now have a refreshing cream mask, a youth and radiance revealing fluid as well as the Huile Prodigieuse which is my favourite product from this brand!
It is a dry oil that is light enough to spray over your face, hair and body. It smells lovely and feels so nourishing.
The most interesting booth of the day has to be the one by Lanvin. 
It was like a little tea party where our senses were taken on a journey to experience their latest scent.
This new scent is vivacious and sensual. It has hints of blueberry and even licorice root. I can't reveal the name of their new perfume yet, but it will launch in May this year! Of course, you'll get it first with bellabox.
I'm so excited because I already get to take home this bold and elegant new perfume!!  
And now the March bellabox Review! The theme for this month is 'Spring in your Step". Time to refresh your beauty routine!
Receiving the bellabox each month is such a treat, and if you have never experienced it before, you should consider giving it a shot. In each bellabox delivered to your doorstep, you get 5 exclusive beauty products which have been handpicked for you from around the world.  
Here's a peek at what's in this month's (March) Spring edition of bellabox.
Lip Butter from MOX BOTANICALS. Mine has a light flavour of Coconut Almondine and it is very moisturising on my lips. Keeps it soft and gives my pout a natural sheen. Love the handy little pot it comes it.
 The second item in my March bellabox is VICHY. It's a brand I've always trusted so I'm pleased to be able to try out their new product- Vichy Bi-White Whitening Replumping Gel-Cream. It retails at $59 (50ml) and the sample tub I got is a good 15ml! More than enough to test drive this product before deciding if I should buy the full sized one. So far, I'm loving the texture of this gel-cream, it gets absorbed by my skin so easily, leaving it feeling plump and refreshed.

I also received sachets of Bi-White Deep Corrective Whitening Essence. This is for reducing dark spots, a dull complexion and any red or dry patches of skin.
From ROJUKISS is the Pure Vita C Dual mask. This is a unique mask! One one side of the package, there is the pure vita C powder and the mask sheet. Sealed on the other side of the package is the essence. All you have to do when you're ready to use this product is push the essence and it will flow through to the other side. It's like preparing a fresh mask!
There's also Super Cleansing Ex and BB Perfect Cream from DR.CI:LABO. This is a brand I've not had the chance of trying before but it is the world's number 1 in medical cosmetics! 

The BB Perfect Cream is smooth and glides on easily. There's no chemical smell and it gives a moist and dewy finish. The colour however was a bit too light for my tanned skin. 

Super Cleansing Ex is a gentle make up removing cleanser. Bonus! I have been looking for a cleanser that doubles up as a make up remover but the ones I've already tried have either been to harsh, or left my face with an oily residue. This product is very good, I love it! It removes make up effectively and it rinses off easily without stripping my skin of moisture.

I'm very happy with my March bellabox. Visit the website to subscribe, read reviews, find out more about the products and even check out the deals they have if you want to buy the full sized products of the stuff you tried and loved.


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