Pros and Cons of a Holiday Romance

Ok, so you're in a faraway land and you meet someone interesting. Or perhaps the connection starts as soon as you get chatted up by that attractive stranger seated next to you on the plane ride to your holiday destination. Is a temporary holiday romance a good idea? Here are the pros and cons to consider.

You get to sample something totally new. Sometimes we get locked into a certain type of girl/guy, do you always date bankers/stewardesses/pilots/insurance agents in Singapore? Or maybe you keep winding up with bad boys/ girls with issues. A holiday fling can open us up to someone we might never have looked at before. It’s just for fun, take that chance. Why not?

It’s also the best time to try a new flirting tactic or have the balls to use a bold pick up line . If it fails, no big deal. You'll know never to do that same thing on home turf where everyone knows your name.

Having a new travel companion can be fun. Some activities are just better when you have a plus one in tow. If you pair off with a local, you can get to see the country you're visiting from an insider's point of view - and often have the holiday of a lifetime.

You are not burdened by restrictions and can simply just be with each other. When on holiday, your romance is not limited by the daily grind of responsibilities like your job… or kids… etc

You don’t need to stress about how great a potential he/she could be.. whether you can trust them, or what their intentions for the future are. It's a holiday, not the rest of your life, so you really don't need to know his extended family history or his earliest childhood memory. It's a fling, not marriage! There isn't a huge attachment on both parties. No pressure.

However, if you're not careful, a holiday fling can quickly turn into a serious mistake.

You or your partner may get attached, and someone may end up getting hurt. Holiday flings shouldn’t have drama or a lot of expectations. There's less opportunity to get your feelings hurt. But when you have such a great time with someone over an intense period, sometimes you fall in love quickly.

By spending a ton of your time with him, you could be missing out on a world of better people and experiences. Worse thing to happen after travelling halfway around the world for a holiday is to be holed up in your hotel room bonking the whole time, never seeing the light of day. Big mistake.

It won’t amount to much else. No matter how well you get along with each other, or how many sparks fly. If he lives in Switzerland, and you don't, it's probably never going to amount to anything more than a fling.

There are some BIG risks. Maybe (although highly unlikely lah) he’s a psycho serial killer or organ harvester. When you get involved with a stranger, you need to keep your wits about you and watch for your own safety. Even if he’s not a lunatic, there are still risks in terms of diseases because you do not know his background. If he refuses to use condoms because they ‘reduce sensation’, don’t do it! Practise safe sex or risk coming home with an unwanted holiday souvenier!

Despite your best efforts to make this holiday romance just about fun and nothing else… if you’re not cut out for flings or one night stands, you may end up feeling used.
Holiday flings can be great fun but always make sure he’s on the same page… be safe (number 1 priority!) and don't expect too much. At the end of the holiday, if he doesn't offer to swap contacts when you part, then face facts - you were just his holiday fling!