Come Join My Group Buys ! Save Money and Eat Great Fooooooddddd

I buy almost everything my family and I need online. It’s been this way for more than a decade, I just find online shopping so much more convenient.

WEBUY is like any other shopping platform I've used in the past… BUT the prices are lower because of GROUP BUYING (save $ in bulk!). The great thing about WEBUY is, you just browse and click on the stuff you want to purchase and then you buy it and it gets sent direct to your home. That’s it! You don’t have to like personally jio more people to buy together in order to get that group buy price.

Join my group on WEBUY to get good deals together! If you're in my group, you will see my name on the top left of the app.

Here’s what I bought this week: Everything comes well packaged, cold/frozen foods are packed in a styrofoam box with dry ice packs. 

Laundry detergent capsules $12.90 (40 capsules)

Super convenient just drop a pod into the washing machine with your laundry. 

Korean spicy pork belly $8.20

Ready marinated, tasty. Just cook in pan for quick dinner. 

Frankfurter Sausages $8.99

Mmmmm sausages 

JM Solution Mask $9.90 (for 10 sheets)

The very first time I shopped on WEBUY, I bought this brand of sheet mask… just anyhow add stuff to cart because good deal lol.  And OMG, it super suits my skin. Really makes it feel supple and moisturised. Been adding it to my WEBUY cart since. 

Here’s what I have my eye on next… join me? :) 

TungLok Herbal Chicken $9.99

Soju $8.99

Sharks fin with collagen broth $68 (8 pax portions)

So many other deals, go browse them on the WEBUY app. 

Oh and if you're a new user, sign up with my link to get a $5 voucher, & new user deals (like a free tray of eggs! ):)