December Preps to End 2020

Oh what a challenging year it's been. At the beginning of the year, when lock downs and restrictions were put in place due to the emergence of Covid 19... I laughed at this meme I came across:

But little did I know, bloody hell... 2020 really turned out to be a whole year of  lockdown. And it does look like it will be spilling over into 2021 too.  :(
Our Christmas Tree is up!

It's not all bad though. We have a gloriously promising staycation at the Shangri La Valley Wing booked this week for 2 nights. Will be posting pic updates on Instagram and live videos too. I've never stayed at the Valley Wing before! Thought we'd just splurge a bit on a year end treat since travel overseas is still restricted. 

We did consider going on a cruise like Quantum of the Seas... especially since it's 50% discount now, and sails at just 50% capacity (no crowds!!!)... it would be cheaper than our staycation. But we don't want to subject the kids to the nose swab for covid testing (mandatory for all passengers, even babies)... I think it would be almost impossible because MJ still won't let people (or me) trim his hair without an epic melt down. Imagine the trauma (for everyone) if he needs a nose swab. OMG, no.

We also have Myla's 5th Birthday to look forward to this month. We will be hosting a very small Frozen Party for 5 of her friends (since the limit on house guests is 5 at the moment). She's been busy preparing the goodies bags... and planning the games with me. 

We created a Pin the Nose on Olaf game (twist on pin the tail on the donkey game)... and we made a Frozen Castle backdrop. 

Lots more to do, a little bit each day. :) 

We also rescued a baby lovebird (parents abandoned the nest)... it was so tiny. 

Day 1 of rescue

Unfortunately, it's even tinier sibling didn't make it by the time we got them. When we took him in, he was so young, his eyes weren't even open yet... 

Day 7 of rescue

Been syringe feeding him 3 hourly night and day... and now a week later.. look! :) He'll make it. Don't know what to name him/her... any suggestions?

How did you spend your Singapore Rediscovers $100 voucher that every citizen gets? We didn't get to use it to off set our staycation booking because we made the booking earlier than December. So we still have $100 X 2 to use up (Adamson and I). Universal Studios? The Zoo?

Let's make the best of 2020 and the year to come.