Red Flag Revelations Part 3

Ok here is Part 3 of my Red Flag Revelations. (Click here for part 1 or part 2)

This was me at that phase

This Fairy Tale (bahahahaha) started out with an excellent first date. We met for juice at the Marriott (so no alcohol clouded judgements here). We spoke so much and listened so keenly that hours passed and what was meant to be a quick juice date stretched to him asking me to join him for some Peking duck since it was already dinner time (it's one of my favs and it came up in conversation)...

And after stuffing our faces (there seriously is no dainty way to eat Peking duck rolls man, you just got to enjoy it), we were still keen to be around each other... so our date extneded some more to a marathon of Gavin & Stacey (what are the odds finding such a quirky similar interest in such sitcoms). And then we finally called it a night, and I went home.

The weeks which followed had us spending a lot of time in each other's pockets... and more pigging out... hikes at Labrador... more sitcom marathons. 

And thennnnnnnnnnnn.... "I have herpes". 

NO NOT ME LAH. Him. He told me he has herpes. 

Fortunately we never had sex. And I'm thankful he told me about this before we could get intimate. But still, I called everything off.

I mean, herpes is for life leh! 

After some weeks of pondering, I started feeling bad for leaving him over his STD. His ex GF had it and never told him... and then he contracted it. Poor thing right? 

And then I started Googling how contagious it was and how to avoic contracting it... like if we were married and wanted kids.... then cannot use condom then how?  Etc etc etc...

and guess what????? I gave him a chance.

Yup. So we started dating again (but not sex ah). For a few more weeks.. before he left for a friend's wedding overseas. Even while he was away, we were in contact daily, and he was making plans for our next date even (I can't remember what it was supposed to be). 

But when he returned from his trip, he didn't call or message me. He went SILENT. 

And finally he said that we had to break up because while he was away he didn't feel like he missed me enough, so I'm not good enough for him. 


Good riddance to you and your herpes. lol

- Fin - 


Anonymous said…
LOL good riddance to you and your herpes – this made me laugh!
Anonymous said…
Do you ever wonder what if..what if he hadn’t disclosed? Such a close shave eh?
Anonymous said…
It could also be that he wasn't getting any action in bed. So gave excuse la. And how do you know if he was REALLY overseas, hmm.
Anonymous said…
It could also be that he thought you were still prejudiced against him from his confession. To not have been more intimate with him perhaps. So many ifs right.
Anonymous said…
Maybe he was out somewhere contracting more STDs.
Holly Jean said…
Bahahaaa I feel bad for laughing
Holly Jean said…
No ah. He was t like rushing for Sex kind. In fact I wld say he was much more cautious than me.
Holly Jean said…
No ah. He was t like rushing for Sex kind. In fact I wld say he was much more cautious than me.

Yah was over seas at his friends wedding. Pics were on fb etc
Holly Jean said…
I dunno :/. To come to think of it, I’m lucky . Not juSt with him. I mean it cld have been any one of my bfs previously but luckily I’ve always been safe
Holly Jean said…

Cos like Wah Lau.... if anything it Shld be me dumping him lor... hahaha