AXA@Post Travel Insurance

While loss of personal belongings used to be the main reason I bought travel insurance (ahhh lost luggage can ruin a trip!), but now that I have a family to be responsible for, it is arguably the least important thing to me. Your things can easily be replaced but your health often can't!
Holidays should be fun, scooting around Phuket, taking part in leisure sea sport activities in Bali, bungee jumping in New Zealand, trying exotic food in South Africa... the list goes on. But even with the most reputable companies providing cover for such activities, and taking precautions, nothing can guarantee your safety. Accidents and illnesses can happen at any time, even while just walking around and sightseeing!

If you or your family member falls ill or has an accident while overseas, a good travel insurance can ensure that you get the best quality of care there and you can be moved, either back home or to a better medical facility, if needed. Furthermore, at a stressful time like that, you don't need to worry about finances. That is a big relief.

The good thing is, for that peace of mind and protection, it doesn't have to cost much. Indeed it is a very small investment towards the security of yourself and your loved ones. Last week, David went to Kuala Lumpur for 6 nights to attend a close friend's wedding. I bought a single trip travel insurance policy from AXA@POST for the first time for him, so that I can be certain that no matter what happens, he's covered.

It was very convenient to do as it's all done online  via: , last minute also no problem, as long as you purchase the policy before you depart from Singapore. The process was so easy. Let me show you how it's done.

Simply key in the details for the upcoming trip... such as the dates, the destination and how many adults or children you need to be covered under the plan. You can also opt for an annual multi trip option if perhaps you travel overseas several times in the year (whether for business purposes or to visit family members).

You will then be given the quotation immediately. There are 2 options, the Essential Plan and Comprehensive Plan. I like that both plans (even the Essential Plan which is cheaper) cover everything. Nothing is left out. Medical expenses, personal belongings, terrorism cover, legal assistance, etc. You will be covered.
If you pick the Comprehensive Plan the amounts for which you are covered are higher. In this instance, for this 5 night trip, David's medical expenses would be covered up to $730700 if I pick the Comprehensive Plan, and $365350 if I pick the Essential Plan... which I felt is still a very good amount of coverage for a trip to KL. So I went ahead to purchase the Essential Plan. On top on that, it covers up to $5,000 for lost or damaged belongings.

Lots of people travel for Leisure Sports, like sky-diving. AXA@POST has leisure sports cover without additional charge too. There are numerous optional add-ons for Pet insurance, Sport equipment (applicable if you are travelling for a triathlon and you have an expensive bicycle to insure), rental vehicle excess cover and golf equipment too. Each for a very small additional fee. This keeps the cost of your policy low because you only pay for what you need in your policy coverage.

Great thing is, the Personal accident cover starts before trip. You can find out further details about the policy here:
Photo Credit:  Anna Rina
Thankfully, everything during his trip went without a glitch. It was a beautiful wedding, and David had good fun hanging out with his friends over the 6 days he was in KL.

He is safe at home now. Thanks  #AXAPost  & #SampleStore  :)