Valentine's Day? What's THAT?

It just occurred to me that I have not celebrated Valentines' day in YEARS. About half a decade.

Think the last one was 6 years ago with that HK bf I had, I booked a suite with dinner at the Fullerton as a Valentine's treat for him. What a waste of my money and honestly, looking back, the food was good, the room was splendid and the company, well... was wrong. (click here to read how deluded I was bahahahah). Thinking back, I am such an idiot, I could have used that money for a nice holiday for myself instead! Lol..

I used to buy in too much to expectations of romance and the magic of Valentine's day. I remember, if I had no boyfriend for Valentine's Day, I would purposely set up a random date with someone... anyone... just to go out and have a 'romantic' Valentine's day. What a dumb fool I was. If I could go back in time, I would kick my younger na├»ve butt.

It's just one day. If you're single or are not dating anyone that special (or even worthy of your commitment), just get on with life and let the day pass. And also... if you are with someone special, I think you'll come to find, there's so much going on in your lives together that Valentines' Day is quite insignificant.

If you're thinking of just something simple like a home cooked dinner for tomorrow... read my latest article on MyfatPocket on Valentine's Menu to Boost his Sex Drive (yes, there's a science to it!). There are also lots of new articles I wrote this year which may tickle your fancy. Click here to see.
Me? Well, tomorrow I'm going to my mum's house so Myla Rae can see her grandparents. Then when we come home in the evening, David, our dog Lola, Myla Rae and I will have a simple dinner at home. Probably mince and tatties.