Free Credit for my Favourite Apps

PostSnap £1.99 Credit
When I was in the UK last month, watching TV, I saw a tv commercial about PostSnap. It's an app where you can upload your photos, edit them into greeting cards, post cards, invitations etc. And then PostSnap mails it to the recepients (or you can choose to mail directly to yourself).

Delivery is quite fast too. Within a couple days if the recipient is in the UK or USA (because that's where the cards are printed). Other parts of the world, including Singapore, it reaches within a week. Delivery is free to UK and USA addresses. All other international mail is at a 50pence charge (that's about $1). Which to me is reasonable, because it would cost me about that amout for international mailing anyway. Plus I send a lot of cards to the UK, and now I can bypass paying postage (from SG to UK) since mailing to UK address is free haha.
I've mailed David's parents pictures of Myla Rae using this app. And I've also mailed my folks pictures too. They display them as photographs because the print quality and the thickness is very good.
To get your £1.99 (that's about $4) free credit, use referral code -  917182  when you sign up (click here).
When you sign up and spend £1.99 using the app (to send out your card), you get £1.99 free credit deposited into your account within 2 days. You can use that credit to send out your next postcard for free :)

I use this app a lot, so I went ahead and bought pre paid credit there, so I can just use it anytime to send greetings out. Plus Christmas is coming. If  you don't want to buy pre paid credit, you can just pay per transaction like everytime you send a card out you just pay for that one card... you can use credit card, or paypal.
Very useful app :) But you can also do this via the website if you don't want to use an app.
Honest Bee S$20 credit

When you grocery shop for the first time at HonestBee, you get S$20 free spending (no minimum spend to get this $20 off). Delivery is free with a minimum order of $30. Otherwise a delivery fee of $10 applies. Prices are the same as when you go to the store and buy it yourself, there is no mark up price.

When you get $20 credit, I get $10. (Thank you!)

Now they offer same day, 1 hour delivery. And can deliver as within the next 1 hour from the time you place your order. So far, my orders have always come on time (within the 1 hour time slot I chose). Sometimes, an item is out of stock, the concierge will ring me directly to let me know and ask if I have any alternative brand/item I want.

Some of the stores Honest Bee can go get your stuff from are NTUC Fair Price, Cold Storage, ZAC Butchery, MothersWork, Jones the grocer, Wine Connection, GNC, Organic7Days and Pet Lovers Centre. Currently they're also including mooncake orders from Raffles, Fairmont, Fullerton, Da Paolo and Laurent Bernard Chocolatier.

Click here to Check out Honest Bee or Start shopping with your S$20 credit.