Scholl Velvet Smooth Expresss Pedi Electronic Foot File Review

Feet are probably one of the most neglected parts of our bodies. If you ignore your feet long enough, then the dry, callous parts of your feet can actually crack and cause pain. I haven't got to that stage yet, but I often see women who wear open toe sandals or sexy stilettos and their feet look horrible!! Dry skin, corns, callouses! Yuck!!
I don't have time (or money) for pedicures and paraffin wax sessions for my feet. I had been neglecting my feet to the point where the skin was dry, rough and even kind of dirty looking! I only became aware of my ugly feet when I had to take off my shoes to get on the bed in the doctor's office for ultrasound. My belly is always so moist and well lotioned, but look downwards and you see my feet in contrast, so dry and sad! I was embarrassed!!! I even started wearing socks to my gynea appointments every month to hide my feet!

Now I can stop worrying about embarrassing feet. Look how smooth they are! Smooth and beautiful salon finished feet can be achieved at home without having to step out for a pedicure.
It's very simple, I just used one handy device. It's the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File. No need to chisel and scrub away at hard skin, it's battery operated, and can remove hard skin effortlessly.
When I tried using a manual metal foot file before, it was too much effort and difficult to use on myself. I tried one that looked like a cheese grater, and found it too rough and painful even. Didn't even give me a smooth finish. No thanks!!
The Scholl Velvet Smooth starter pack comes with the electronic foot file, 4 AA batteries, roller head (washable and replaceable), a cover and it retails at $49.90.
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Love the simple and ergonomic design, and the handle has a comfy grip. It's easy to angle the head towards all corners of your feet.

To switch on or off, you just need to swivel the silver ring around the neck of this foot file. Switch on, and just place the roller head onto your feet. You can pop the roller head out and give it a rinse and reuse it. Whenever it wears out, you can just use the replacement roller head. So easy to operate and easy to maintain!
Here's a look at the change on my foot, from hard dry skin to smooth soft skin :) I'm using a clean black cloth as background so you can see more clearly.
I use this Scholl Electronic Foot File most on the heel of my feet as that's where my rough skin is. And then I will use it on other parts of my feet as well, just to get a smoother finish over all. It never hurts, the roller head is gentle yet effective.
Here's all the dead skin cells from one foot! I could not really capture the dead skin coming off in the photos, so I shot a really quick 30 second video. Watch it to see the dead skin cells wisp off my foot. It's so effective.

You can use this gadget as often as you like, it's convenient to whip out and just give my feet a quick buff for a few minutes. When I'm done, I just clip the cover back on and store it away. My favourite time to use it is just before I sleep, after removing the dry skin, I rub on some moisturizer (and I can immediately feel how soft my skin is as I'm rubbing my feet), then I go to bed!
Above is the before picture of my foot. As you get older, your feet just gets drier and the skin gets harder so easily!
 After using the Scholl Electronic Foot File... tadah! Soft and healthy looking skin!
I'm even using it on my husband now, and his feet has harder skin than mine! It just takes a little bit more time to buff through his calloused skin. But I'm always amazed at how much dead skin comes flying off!
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Hope you enjoy the Scholl Velvet Smooth experience like I did! :)