I Just got BlackOut Sandals

They had so many designs and colours, but of course I chose baby pink!

BlackOut sandals are high quality and affordable sandals from Bangkok, Thailand. They are trendy casual footwear, for both men and women (and kids too). And now you can get them in Singapore.
The soles are really grippy on wet floor, and there's no squeaky sound when sandals are wet. It's made of heavy duty rubber, so it's very durable (the threads on the soles will not go botak easily, my friend has been using his for a year already, and it's still good). Easy to wash and the pretty colours won't fade.

Comfy to wear everyday, when I'm dressed down... and the pretty pink will go well with most of my maternity dresses too. :)

And I like to be all matchy matchy with my husband haha. When he first put them on, he was like "wow these are comfy!" and when I told him the price - only $19.90 for his design, mine were $22.90 and their promo now is any 2 pairs for $35... he was very impressed. Great value since this quality sandals will last us a very long time and they look great.

Bangkok Invaders is the distributor for BackOut Sandals in Singapore so you can get yours directly from them.

Scape Marketplace - Every Saturday (12noon to 10pm).
Pop up booths (venues updated via instagram @Bangkok_invaders )
You can also enquire or order online through their Instagram or Facebook account.


  1. Hi do you know who's the distributor I n Thailand?

    1. Sorry I don't. It's probably the same guy that does it in Sg


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