Where Have All My Exes Gone?

Have you ever wondered what happened to all your ex Boyfriends?
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Just a few days ago, one of my readers emailed to ask about a product I reviewed. After I replied, she emailed back to thank me, and then she said she has been reading my blog since "the days of Mark".

I guess my boyfriends of the past were a critical part of my blog. Afterall, they were a pretty large chunk of my life.... so much so that I guess (some?) readers have come to see each BF as a different phase of my life. So instead of saying it like a time line (Oh I've been reading your blog for 5 years)... they think of it in phases based on whom I thought was the one was dating.

Then I wondered to myself... whatever happened to Mark anyway???  So I thought that today, I would share, based on my knowledge, what has happened to all my exes. For those who are curious.. and also as a special treat for readers who have been with me since September 2006 until now. Wow, can't believe it's been 8 years.

And for a throwback (as well as catch up for new readers), I've included links to a few of my past posts about them/the relationship.

One of my first serious relationships, we dated for 2 years. One of the shittiest break ups too. Lol.
But of all my ex BFs, he's one that I'm actually still pretty good friends with. It didn't happen immediately, but as the years passed and we each got on with our lives, we started drifting back together again as friends. And because we are friends, I am happy to report that he's married and has a cute baby girl. He's still in Singapore, and still coaches golf on Sentosa.

Throwback: Bali Trip , Random Trivia  & meeting him for the first time after the split.)

I really thought this was the one. Was my oldest bf (2 decade gap) but the most fun I've ever had. It really started out like a perfect fairy tale, and just suddenly fell apart after a year. I dated a very... VERY... handsome Austrian (everytime I see Chris Hemsworth, I'm reminded of him) for 2 months or so. And made a very arsehole decision to end it so that I could go back to Mark. (Why you all never warn me not to!!! Wait, I think some of you did. Saying that getting back with an ex will end in tears). 

Then Mark and I got back together for another 6 months. But it wasn't the same relationship as before. He was awful to be with, so self centered. I think I broke him. 

Anyway, despite being inseparable in our first year together. And breaking up the second time on very mutual and amicable grounds... and then staying unhealthily close as friends for many months straight after that break up (which ruined the next few short relationships I had as well). We have lost ALL contact. No Facebook. No phone contact. Nothing.

The last I saw of him was 4 years ago when his friend sent me a video clip out of the blue. It was a clip of Mark on his 50th (!!) birthday, out golfing, and he took a swing and slipped. It was funny. Then I replied to ask why he had sent me that, and asked how Mark was doing... but no reply. 

I wonder how he is now.

Throwback: How I met the biscuit, Phuket trip, the break up break down, & an emotional first meet after the split

This boyfriend was very private, so I had to use his initials GB. I had dated older men after Mark (but just about 7-10 years older than me) but none of them developed into anything serious. Then, I met GB, who is my age. I didn't think it would work, he wasn't my type. But we got along really well. He's also one of my fittest bfs, and by far the most chivalrous (he used to always drive me home AND run around to my side to open the car door!). I would say that it was a good relationship and I enjoyed his company very much. It was a short relationship (6 months max) but not because it was bad. Perhaps because of his age at the time, and him starting out with a new career path.. the time wasn't right.

Now, he is dating and living with someone special. (He was dating someone else after me, and I think she was clingy or something.. I can't remember, and he rang me asking for advice on how to break up with her. Lol). Well anyway, we are still friends, and he would sometimes ask me for opinions on relationship stuff.

Throwback: How we started dating, Show & Tell Hungary, Malacca Trip & Why we split up

Hong Kong is one of my favourite cities but this boyfriend... yikes, my least favourite of all. He was a friend from the past but I think the romantic relationship was a waste of my time and effort. Thank goodness it only took 5 months for things to end. When it ended, I thought My GOD, what have I done to deserve this? I'm tired of this battle. Why can't I just catch a break. And very shortly after that (like within days after the break up), I met David. And everything fell into place, just like people said it should. 

HK Bf based on what I see on his FB, isn't with anyone significant enough to be there.

Throwback: Third Time's a Charm &  Dumping me for no reason

P/s- Before people start saying - you dated all ang mohs!! These are just 4 of the most significant (and longer) relationships I've had ... leading up to finally meeting my husband David. I did go out with locals too, but it didn't develop into anything more serious. Also HK considered Asian ah.


  1. Anonymous11:35 pm


    I've been reading for about 4 years.

    You have a great talent!


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  4. I think I have been a reader since I was a teenager! :D I am just so happy that you met David :D.

  5. Anonymous7:50 pm

    why do u keep talking about ur exes?

    1. Cos my current life is so shit ... :( Hahaaa no la joking.

      I don't know why...

  6. Hi Holly! Would be interesting to read the 5 years update on your exes. I’m re-reading your old posts and I still enjoy it as I did a decade ago.



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