Just Printed Instagram Squares and Pocketbook!

I just received my prints from Crafted Prints. Super love the packaging, you can give them exactly as they are if it's a gift for someone. 
I've done quite a bit of printing at different places over the years and I'm seriously impressed with the quality of these prints I have.  It's professional photo-lab print quality. Crafted Prints is a print boutique, photos are not mass printed. They have really put in effort to make sure each of my prints come out looking amazing even up close. And I didn't even use high-res images to begin with, a lot of the pics I took off Instagram!
The paper quality is good too, it's a thick premium photo paper with a matte lamination treatment which provides added protection and ensures that my prints last longer. All the prints are splash-proof and more resistant to scratches and daily wear and tear. Great for all kinds of craftwork, home decorating, scrapbooking, etc. 

It's a perfect way to print your instagram photos.

Square Prints
I printed a whopping 80 square prints for my brother. 80!!! And I paid less than Sgd65 for all his square prints. His are 4 inch squares. They also have 3 inch squares and cute little 2 inch squares (S$8.91/ 15prints or S$13.23/ 45prints). These kind of prints are perfect for Instagram style photos. Look how vibrant his square prints turned out...
He's planning to use them like buntings for his wedding reception coming up in May. He already had his solemnization last November, and this coming reception is a celebration with friends and extended family. :)
Just like polaroids on a clothes line (example pic above), but the prints from Craft Prints are much clearer and more vibrant than polaroids. Plus cheaper too. I can't wait to see the final look of these prints at his wedding venue!

Stay tuned... on May 9th I'll instagram a live pic.  :)

Vintage Prints
I couldn't resist getting a small number of prints for myself. Just 8 of my favourite pictures. These are no ordinary photo prints... the quality is remarkable and I love the look and feel of these vintage prints
Vintages are also great for writing messages. 
Tadah! Liven up my kitchen a bit by putting them on my fridge :)

They also do these very unique pocketbooks for just sgd16.88 . You can organize your favourite Instagram photos into pocketbooks. Like maybe compile the best moments of each year and create one pocketbook each year. Or you can upload your holiday snapshots. It's beautiful to look at and great for sharing with friends and family, what’s even better is that you can choose to include the date, caption and location of your Instagram photos.  
I think this could be great for a class of students, beats the boring old regular class photo. It can hold 50 pictures, so each student and class teacher gets to be featured in the pocketbook. Makes a nice little keepsake for graduating classes.
It makes a great personalized gift for all ages too. I did one as a surprise for my best friend's 4 year old daughter. I collected 50 images of my friend and her daughter from her Facebook and Instagram. 
Tara loves it! A great childhood keepsake for her.

Visit Crafted Prints to order your prints. You can upload pictures directly from Facebook or Instagram or you can upload image files directly off your computer/phone.

Crafted Prints ships worldwide. And shipping is FREE for Singapore orders :)