Is leaving your toothbrush at his place a sign of commitment?

I just got my husband a new electric toothbrush to replace his spoilt one.
err yes my bathroom needs tidying lol
And just looking at it today reminded me of the time when Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex & the City) tried leaving stuff at Big's apartment and he returned it all to her in a paper bag! Then it was all drama and crisis about it being a sign of non-commitment.... Until at the end of the episode he gave her a toothbrush head to fit into his electric toothbrush in. She was on absolute cloud 9, seeing her little toothbrush head right there beside his, on his bathroom counter.

But those who followed the series back then all know that Big was notoriously non committal and what followed was years of break ups, cheating.

Thinking back to my past... I do think that most guys who can't (or won't) make space in their home for you... Do have commitment issues.

The last guy I dated before meeting my husband would have me over at his place several times a week. I was stuck outside his apartment countless times. Just sitting and waiting because he got held up at work. And he would still never give me a spare key (scared I steal his stuff or what?!). In retrospect, I was so dumb to let him string me along ... always to his convenience and benefit, never mine. And this guy definitely had (actually probably still has) commitment issues.

When I met my husband, he gave me a spare key very early into the relationship. It was not big deal to him. I had gone to his place a couple times after work. And before I left one evening, he just passed a key to me and said it was so I could get in anytime. He also made lots of space for me in his wardrobe, etc.

Girls who are dating now, what have you left behind at his place? What was his reaction? Those who are married, do you see a link between him making space for you in his home very early on in the relationship and his interest to take the relationship further?


  1. Anonymous3:45 pm

    I personally do not like to put my things in my boyfriend's house because I have to some extent, OCD, and I like my things close to me, in my house. Lol. But I guess that's just me. He leaves a lot of things at my house which I will pack them nicely in a corner of my cupboard for him.

  2. Anonymous11:39 pm

    This reminds me of the scene in 9 1/2 weeks when Mickey Roarke left a one-night stand (Kim Bassinger) in his apartment and left for work....
    He called and asked her if she was looking through his things and she was!!!
    crazy movie...



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