Home Improvements for the New Year (and some new outfits)

Little changes make a big difference and lift my mood too. :) Here are a few inexpensive changes I made. 

Here's a look at the before pic of my living room, TV area. Things I was not pleased about - the messy wires, and ugly box with cushions I used to hide the sockets and more wires lol. It's been looking like this for almost 2 years!
So I finally got around to putting up white plastic casing on the wall, to conceal the cables which run from the TV to the sockets and various devices. I broke my kitchen scissors trying to cut the casings (which are surprisingly hard man!)... then I realized I could just bend it multiple times and wear it down enough so I could snap it (just letting you know in case you do this without cutters too).
Yay, look how neat the wall is now. Cost was Free :) because my friend gave his excess plastic casing to me long time ago.
Am so pleased, it's so neat!! I also got the Tolix Replica Multi Purpose High tower Shelf (now on sale at $99, used to be $189) in black from FortyTwo.sg . It was just delivered to my home today. :) 
The Tolix Shelf is in place, and decorated. I love the look of this shelf because it's industrial, clean, modern and suits my home. It comes in a smaller size too ($69), as well as other colours, but I just felt this tall black one suits this area best. Plus it's very useful for holding stuff (Lola gets the lowest shelf for her toys). 
It has really livened up my TV area. LOVING THIS LOADS.
I got potpourri and scented sticks from IKEA, cost about $10.

I'm happy with their potpourri. No more nasty plastic flowers for my dining table vase, now it's this kind of look, and I like it. 
Practically no maintenance, and makes my whole house smell nice cos there's like so much potpourri in that huge vase. lol.

What do you think? You like it too? :)
Okie here's a look at some new outfits for my 2015 wardrobe... I got them from Princessa . By the way, you can get 20% off at shopprincessa.com when you use code hollyjean20 at checkout.
This is the Lrina Black dress. Love the hidden pockets, and the mesh panel sleeves. I dressed it with  a topknot, neon shades and a hot pink lippie. Comfy casual fun yet stylish and chic.
This vivid pink dress is the Avril Fluted Hem Skater Dress in pink. It's has a nice fit and is great for those who prefer a dress that is not mini length. The colour is vibrant and eye catching. Good choice for CNY.


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