The Ghost of Videos Past

I had forgotten about this video, was more than 3 years ago. Something to do with a prior post I wrote about going on a yacht party which came across atas and pretentious I guess  lol. I remember being very shocked when I first came across it. Haha :)

I feel like going on a cruise. Has anyone gone on a commercial type cruise like Star Cruise etc? Any route or promo to recommend? Does it get boring stuck on board for days? Are things costly on board or is all entertainment included in cruise price?
Shopped at cruise-wear label Yacht21 for the first time last week. I went to the Far East Plaza store  (#04-124A) but they have stores at Raffles Exchange and Bugis Junction as well. And if I'm not wrong, Tangs Vivo, Robinsons JEM/Orchard too.
I picked out this white blouson and paired it with navy high waist shorts. The details on the blouse is feminine and the shorts have a modern tailored cut. Very classic femme chic.


  1. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Went on a Super Star Virgo Cruise last Feb.
    Entertainment sucked. Played cowboys and Indians in the buffet line, my god they don't know the meaning of waiting in line! Went to sleep rocking in my bed, almost as if I had been drinking...wait...Ok, like I drank too much.
    Kicked ass at the Casio. Woke up smelling the smoke of the palm fires.....choking. The Mojito's were good but they ran out of mint leaves on the first night. If I ever go again, I wont go on the Superstar Virgo!
    I'll try the Gemini.

    1. Oh thanks for sharing :)

      It wld piss me off having ppl pushing and shoving at the buffet! Was the food good though?

  2. Anonymous12:08 pm

    The food was "OK". It did piss me off and more than a couple people ended up with their feelings hurt over a little elbow to the face. One actually had the gall to do it again which didn't end up any differently for the little fella. It was just the Indians that acted this way. I cannot tell you how amazing it was to learn of their less than generous behaviour. If they weren't cutting in line, they were rubbing up against me and my group. Is it asking too much to "quit fucking touching me?". :) I found the rooms to be a little musky smelling, even the rooms with a balcony.
    They affixed stickers all over my passport when I got off the ship in Malaysia (You have to surrender your passport to the ship, to ensure you return- makes no sense)
    My passport now has gummy spots all over it where I removed the stickers (It covered nearly the entire front cover).
    Other than that, the drinks were good....the wait staff was very, very nice.
    I don't think I'd recommend Superstar Virgo.

  3. Anonymous1:37 am

    You should try Royal Caribbean! I went on a 4D/5N to Phuket on the Legend of the Seas, and I really enjoyed it. They've a bigger ship now (Mariner of the Seas), so I guess there should be more stuff to do.


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