Questions a Woman with an Older Man Gets Asked All the Time

On behalf of women out there who date or are married older men... let me answer these questions once and for all so others can stop asking us these dumb question.

1. “Can he still get it up?”
Older men in their 40s, or 50s are perfectly capable of having an erection. It's not like everything suddenly goes downhill when he hits 40. I've dated men in their 20s and 30s who have had problems in bed. If he can't get it up in his 40s, there is a high likelihood something was already wrong in that department in his 30s as well.

2. “Do you have Daddy issues?”
Why do people assume the stereotype that women date older men to replace a father figure? I already have a father and he's a great one who is very present in my life in a very positive way. I'm sure the majority of women with older men aren't doing it to fill some chasm in their lives.

3. “Is he rich?”Sadly, no. Haha. But in all honesty, dating older isn’t always about dating richer.

4. “Ewww...Is his penis shriveled?”One of my girlfriends asked me this years ago when I was dating a guy 20 years older. I'm happy to report that this has never been the case in my experience. In fact I think the penis doesn't really age much (aesthetically), especially when erect. It's far more younger looking than.. let's say... oh the skin on your neck.

5. Is life boring now?
Why do you make it seem like I'm dating a 40-something going on 80. I've always been a homebody and never a big party animal. It hasn't actually changed. Heck, even my parents are more outgoing than me. The activities a couple gets up to depends a great deal more upon their personalities, than it does their age.