Juventus Vs Singapore Select - The highlights

Last Friday evening was my first time at our new stadium at the Sportshub, I was there to see Juventus training. WOW! So impressed with our new stadium, it is top notch!

The training session was such a big treat for the Juventus fans. Here's a clip from the Juventus Youtube page on their training here... #juventour You can see me at 1.08min hhaaaa (got to thank my Fb friend for pointing that out to me lol).

On match day itself, there was such a great atmosphere at the stadium. The crowd cheered on both teams, but got especially excited whenever Singapore got close to scoring. After a few false starts, the crowd eventually managed to get the Kallang Wave going, that was so fun.

Andrea Pirlo scored the first two goals for Juve. People loveeeee him. He even got a standing ovation as he walked off the field shortly after the second half (a substitution). I think we would have liked to see at least one goal for Singapore, but the final score was 5- nil. Still, everyone was in good spirits and it was an enjoyable match.
Here are the match highlights, if you haven't seen it on TV yet.
Next match ( in October) we will have BRASIL and JAPAN! Woot! Wait for it ... wait for it...
So loving our new stadium and looking forward to being there again.