Actually, My Exes Weren't ALL That Bad

When I blogged about how to get rid of a stage 5 clinger last week, one of the points was to make them hate you because hate is a great way to get over someone. It's how I moved on from my past relationships so quickly... I just thought of all the shitty things about the guy.
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Hate is a self defense mechanism. But I focused on it so much that it has spilt over until today. When I think of most of my exes, bad memories come up. I think most of them are losers, assholes, liars.... (I think only very few like the Hungarian GB, I didn't hate at all when we broke up).

But the truth is, for the rest of the exes, I started to see all their flaws but they weren't all that bad, they had many good points too. 

Remember Mr Print-N-Wank?  He was always late, but he would still pick me up no matter where in Singapore I was. He felt like it was his responsibility to fetch me from where ever and get me safely home. 

The Compulsive Gambler, well... he may have frequently been penniless and broke ... but whenever it was my birthday or Christmas or Valentine's Day... by hook or by crook he would manage to get me a great present. It's like money was no object. 

The Biscuit had a great sense of humour, and made most days with him such a laugh or joyful squeal. He was honestly a delight to be around. He also had such a mild and calm temperament (which I took advantage of by throwing tantrums like it was going out of fashion).

Yeah... just thought I'd get it off my chest. They weren't all that bad.


Anonymous said…
Obviously you loved your Rabbit Vibrator while it last. :)

But what was your reaction when you first found out what it was? Was it a sexy episode?
Holly Jean said…
Haha I don't remember cost it was so long ago. Big I was excited cos it was my first rabbit