Where there are boobs, men will gravitate

Just last weekend, David and I were at the taxi stand at 313Somerset, waiting for a taxi to go home when an older gentleman who was standing behind us in the queue started chatting to him. As it turns out, he is Scottish too... and they have mutual friends in their work circle. Oh what a happy coincidence for them. -_-

Then when it was our turn to get in the taxi, David asks him where he was headed. And he said Harry's near Orchard Towers. And David turns to me and asks, "you wouldn't mind stopping there for one drink before we head home, yeah?"

Urgh!!! I already had one foot in the taxi, I was almost home free! 


So all 3 of us get in the taxi and head Harry's. We have been to this Harry's bar a few times before, because some of David's friends drink there. I wouldn't say it's a particularly nice place to be at but it does get interesting sitting outside and looking across the street at the lady boys and hookers going in and out of Orchard Towers. 

Some familiar faces there. The usual suspects. David is leaning on the railings talking to the guy. And I take a seat, there's just one seat vacant infront of me. Most other seats are filled. Then some old guy (who was pleasant enough) sits across from me. *polite smile and nod*. 
In comes a (I think Filipino) lady with huge tits (I think fake cos they were hard and round bazookas) and a very skimpy top. She was only as tall as my belly button but each boob was larger than my head. She sat a few tables down, and in front of her the seat is empty. Then the guy infront of me says, "oh I better move so your husband can sit here."

And I'm like, "no no, don't move, it's ok" (Sounding like I really wanted him to stay, but honestly I was just being polite because I really thought he was moving to give David a seat. But David doesn't need it because he's happily standing and talking to his new friend).

And with that, he takes his glass of gin and moves hastily to sit in front of bazookas. At this time, our friend who was seated at the table just next to me, jokes out loud " Sorry, Holly, you don't have the same assets as she does." And I laugh, he laughs. Only it wasn't really a joke.

The old man did move because of big tits. Kind of a cock thing to do. Then I felt insulted ... not as if I wanted the company of the old man with the glass of gin. In fact I didn't even speak to him the whole time he was there in front of me. But like, it was kinda demoralising.... like someone getting up to leave because he preferred to sit in front of a hooker with tits hanging out. Quite rude, but of course he doesn't owe me anything. What would you have done?

It's like have a big set of tits, let them hang out and men will gravitate. Have 2 degrees or have acerbic wit, let those things hang out and watch men fall over in awe... NOT.

Thankfully though, after that one drink, we did leave to go home. So I didn't have to sit there, all unattractive and frigid looking for very long. 

So yeah, where there are boobs on show, men will gravitate. Haha (but not funny).


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Ok Bye!


  1. Anonymous12:25 am

    Really don't see why it bothered you. If anything I would've been happy not to sit with a dirty old perv. Besides you're married, why does it matter? You already have the attention of one man for life. This hooker on the other hand, she needs to make a living, and getting a man's attention is vital in her line of work. She's offering him the possibility of sex, you on the other hand, have nothing to offer him. TBH it sounds a little like you're craving attention.

    1. Anonymous4:27 pm

      I agree.

    2. It's the way he left so hastily... Tht I found insulting. Like he cldnt make it less obvious tht he preferred to sit with the hooker (cos he might get sex from her or something) .

  2. I know men who are more into small boobs. A male friend used to say, 'Anything more than a handful is a waste.' Haha I found that quite endearing

    1. My husband is not a boob guy. In fact he doesn't like big boob or fat girls . Even with me , I've gotten fleshier lately and he's pointing out I should lose weight lol

    2. You don't need to lose weight!

  3. Anonymous9:23 am

    Don't be naive and believe it when your husband says he doesn't like big boobs! He is just being polite so you don't feel insecure about your little mosquito bite titties.
    Just because men accept small titties don't necessarily mean they personally dont like big tits!
    And if they actually tell you so...Please look down at your chest and humbly accept the sympathy. :)
    And this post just screams "attention seeker".
    Poor you.

    1. Wow! You are on a roll! 3 nasty comments in a row on my blogposts and all from the same IP address, yours. Dont worry, i won't delete any of it. Cos my readers enjoy the laugh just as much as I do


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