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Just got my package delivered from CherryAffairs , the sex toys I ordered from their online store came discreetly packaged in a regular box. Looked just like my other online purchases of clothes and gadgets. 
When you shop at CherryAffairs, use discount code HOLLY to get 10% off your purchases. Let me show you how simple and convenient it is to place an order.
You select what you wish to purchase from an extensive range of adult products. They have ranges for women, men, for couples to enjoy together, as well as novelty items and games which would make great gifts for hen nights and bachelor parties. They also stock popular and very sought after adult toy brands such as LELO and Nomi Tang. 
After you fill your cart with what you want, click Proceed to Checkout and you will be prompted to key in the address to deliver to. Then the next step is to make payment. Remember to key in HOLLY in the Discounts. This will give you 10% Off your order.
You can select the Free Normal mail, or opt for a self collect or courier delivery for $8. You can pay via Credit Card, Paypal or even bank deposit (fund transfer online). It's easy and safe. I received my parcel within a few days!
You should check out their 50 Shades of Grey range. Fans of the book will appreciate the BDSM toys and accessories, because it's so classy, sexy looking and stylishly designed. It's a great way to bring that fantasy into your bedroom. Get it as a gift for your significant other...

My top 3 picks for Women
1. Sqweel 2 is the new and improved version of the Sqweel. Lapping silicone tongues to stimulate your clit, it's the closest you can get to oral sex on your own.
2. Layla Rabbit Vibrator . Every woman should have a rabbit because it's a multi tasker and never disappoints. Plus this white one is so pristine
3. Clone A Willy allows you to create a life sized and realistic rubber dildo of your man's penis. Every vein and ridge on his penis will be an exact copy on the cloned willy. You can even choose from 3 different skin tones. Hahaaaa sounds like so much fun :)

My Top 3 Picks for Men
1. Optimum Suck and Stroke Masturbator is the most advanced sex toy for men. Women may have the 'Rabbit' but this one is out of this world! The material gives it a natural flesh feel, and there's both suction and vibration. If it were me, I would use this with a little lube to give it a moist and even more realistic feeling. 
2Tenga 3D Pile is beautiful. Looks like a piece of art you can display on your shelf... but it's actually a masturbator that gives both soft and hard sensations. 
3. Tongue Teaser is a vibrating contraption that fits comfortably over his tongue and it turns his tongue into the ultimate cunnilingus machine. How awesome is that.

Here's my review of the products I just got...
I chose the LELO Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaning Spray, the new Zush Bullet Vibrator, a Mini Portable Nipple Pump because I've never tried one before and am very curious!

Zush Bullet Vibrator
I love bullet vibrators because they are so discreet and small... yet, with the right quality of materials and motor, it can give the most intense orgasms through clitoral stimulation. The Zush Bullet Vibrator is tiny, and the body is sleek and a very elegant silver colour. I like that it is waterproof, so I can wash it under a tap to clean it.
To operate, just click on the button at the bottom. Each click gives you a different vibration speed or pattern. I prefer a constant steady vibration but if you prefer more of a sporadic pulsating vibration, they have that too.

The motor is powerful and yet it's quiet. There's no loud buzzing sound. To Switch off, just hold the button down for a couple of seconds. I like that it only has one button to operate, makes this product easy to use without multiple switches or knobs to turn.

It is incredibly sleek, fits in your pockets... and is much smaller than regular lipstick type vibrators. 

Mini Portable Nipple Pump 
This Mini Portable Nipple Pump intrigued me. What would it feel like? Well, if you like having your nipples stimulated during sex and foreplay, you will love this pump.
It's made of a high quality silicone which doesn't smell and it feels nice and flexible. The suction cup fits most nipples, and is slightly transparent so you can see the nipple in there, being stimulated. This is a good visual, even when using this as foreplay with your partner.
Squeeze the pump and place the suction cup onto your nipple. It will latch on and stay put, without having to hold it there. The suction strength is adjustable, depending on how much your squeeze the pump, so no worries about it hurting.

I find the suction on it's own already a turn on... but this toy also has an internal vibrator. The speed is adjustable just by turning the black knob on the end. Over all, I find this a very simple product to use, and it does deliver a pleasurable amount of nipple stimulation.

LELO Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaning Spray
LELO is an established adult toy brand that I have used before, it's a brand I trust for great quality. The 
 LELO Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaning Spray can be used not just on LELO toys but all other brands of sex toys too. 
This spray has active- microbial ingredients proven to kill 99.9% of all the germs, with added zinc salts to reduce any chance of irritation at all. LELO Antibacterial Spray also contains anti viral and anti fungal properties within a pH balanced formula, making it the safest and most effective choice for cleaning your toys.

It's convenient to use, just spray onto your toy...
... and wipe off with a soft cloth or tissue. Great spray to have by my bedside so I don't have to bother washing my toys in the sink all the time.

Whether you're a novice when it comes to sex toys and accessories, or someone who knows what she wants and likes... Cherry Affairs is a good place to get something to suit you. Click here to shop at Cherry Affairs and check out the Cherry Affairs Facebook page too. Have fun but be good! 


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Hi! May I ask how long the promo code will last? :)
Anonymous said…
it's still available
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