1-for-1 Brazilian Wax at Pink Parlour

Pink Parlour @ Orchard Central
Pink Parlour has been around for 5 years already and their reputation is growing so I've been wanting to try it out for myself. I used my Entertainer app for a great deal there.
Buy one get one free  Brazilian Wax service (each session is Sg$55, but with the Entertainer app, I get 2 sessions for $55!). That's very very cheap for professional brazilian wax session! What a great deal!
Front reception
I went to the Pink Parlour at Orchard Central. The parlour itself is absolutely girly chic. I love that it has the pink kitty cat mascot all around too, such a cute touch. The lighting of the place is very warm and cosy, it's much like a spa. 
Area for Pedicures
The lounge
My experience at Pink Parlour was great, I felt pampered with their pleasant and friendly service. It's not my first time having a Brazilian wax, after about 10 years I consider myself a veteran so the pain level for me here was at a zero (seriously). But I have had painful wax jobs elsewhere even though I'm so accustomed to waxing! I can say that even if you are new, the pain level of this session by my therapist is really low. It is because they are trained in the proper technique and they use good quality hardwax to minimise discomfort. So if  it's your first time, don't worry, you're in great hands and the therapist is gentle. 
Private rooms for waxing
Actually, until now, Pink Parlour still maintains its reputation for zero give-ups over the 5 yrs. Meaning no client has quit half way through getting a Brazilain wax. Everything is over and done with within 20 mins, you can even do it during your lunch break.

What I wondered during my session was how come there's so many wooden spatulas ???? Then I realised my therapist never double dipped the spatulas into the wax pot.  This is a great hygiene practice I wish more salons would have, so there's no risk of contamination or spread of germs.
No Double Dipping
Their hygiene standards are impeccable. Before ever touching the client, the therapist will sterilize their hands using hospital grade sanitizers that kill 99.99% germs and viruses, plus they wear masks and gloves. After each session, their treatment beds are liberally misted with an FDA approved anti-bacterial solution and the towels are changed. So your room is always fresh and clean.
My Therapist :)

The results met my high expectations. Very clean and smooth finish. No irritation or discomfort at all (I some times get irritation because my skin is so sensitive). Some places I've done Brazilian waxing at in the past, would disappoint me because they don't wax all the way back to the butt crack so the job feels so incomplete!!! (Ladies who do Brazilian wax will know exactly what I'm talking about). At Pink Parlour they take everything off, the result is baby soft skin and completely hairless front to back.
There are also other Pink Parlour services available on the Entertainer app for 6 different locations, so you can just pick the Pink Parlour that is closest to you. (Or try them all one by one!)

Pink Parlour
Tel: 6100 7465
Website: www.pinkparlour.com.sg/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pinkparlour
Instagram: instagram.com/pinkparloursg

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    1. Yes! Boyzilians too. To see all the 1-for-1 deals, just download the entertainer Sg app on your phone (it's free) then u can browse all the deals on ur app. If u want to start using the deals then u have to subscribe to unlock the deals. Go here to this special link to subscribe as u get it cheaper at $15 using disc code @hollyjean69 https://www.theentertainerme.com/trysgfor19/

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