Milking Gender Equality. Get Your GF to Pay!

I've had an appalling number of stingy boyfriends in the past. Some of them were blatantly scrooges... while others devised some rather sneaky ways to get me to pay for stuff.  lol

Now, I'm not saying that girls don't need to pay for anything ever, and that boyfriends must pay for her. Not at all. And I'm ok with guys being frugal and not spending money like it grows on trees, but he shouldn't be stingy with his money and then just milk it off the girl instead! And when it comes to dates, and couple related expenses, I feel that the guy should shoulder most of the expenses.

So guys, if you're trying to find ways to get your GF to pay for stuff without coming across as stingy.... read on as I share the tactics of my ex BFs. (Of course, not all my exes were stingy... but many were!) And girls, be aware of these tricks... though when you're in love, you probably won't see it (you will only seethe in retrospect. haha).

1. Disappear when it's time to pay. 
When I was in secondary school, I went out with this cheapo guy who always went to the toilet or found a way to excuse himself every time the bill was expected. Then he would come back after to say- "Oh, you paid already? Oh... thanks, thanks, I'll get the next one then."

I had another ex BF who shared with me this tactic (I was talking to him after we broke up, and he started dating another girl)... he was telling me about how he purposely said he had to go to the toilet while they were in the queue to buy movie tickets. When he got back, expecting her to have bought the tickets for their movie date... he was surprised to see that she was standing aside letting other people go ahead, waiting for him to get back. 

HAHAHAHAAA backfired. But WTF, this girl no money or no pride or what? I would have just paid for the tickets lah. ( And then remember his dodgy ways forever so I can blog about it one day. Lol)

2. Split the expenses... unfairly
More recently, I had this one boyfriend who earns shit loads more than I do. But whenever we went on holiday together (always short weekend getaways)... he would split the expenses but rather unfairly. So it's like Rah! Rah! Rah! *excited* let's go to KL on the weekend. Just one night there, but it would be great to take the train (it was one of the last train rides from Singapore into Malaysia before the railway station shut for good). Baby, you get the train tickets and I'll sort out the hotel for us.

Then we get there by train which cost me over SGD130 for two people (each way!)... to stay in a teeny hotel room that cost him 50 ringgit. You would think he would maybe splash out for a 100 ringgit room at the very least  -_-
This is me lying on the bed, my feet can touch the toilet and room door. He really knows how to impress a girl. Hahaa. Plus this is a room for BOTH of us. Thanks ah.

3. Pretend she has upset you
You can always get upset with the girl towards the end of the meal, so you can refuse to pay for it because you are FURIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSS with her (emmy award type of fury)... and not because you are just stingy (the reality). 

An ex Bf and I were having Japanese food at Wheelock. Then when we were done eating the waitress came by to ask if everything was ok? I said,very good, thank you, oh and can we get the bill please?

Then when she came back with the bill, she tried to pass it to him but he blocked it with his hand and pointed to me. He snapped ," She asked for it, she can pay for it".  Eh?  Apparently, he felt it was rather rude of me to ask for the bill... hence his anger. 

What are some of the most stingy experiences you've come across in the world of dating?

P/S- when I was a teacher, one of my colleagues' BF gave her a Parker pen for her birthday. She got him gifts like holidays before. WTF man.  Just saying.


  1. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Tightwads suck.....well.....some are too tight to even suck!

  2. Anonymous8:53 pm

    I had an ex, who insist to send me back home by cab after a chilling session with friends and he took a cab back home thereafter, despite me telling him that I'm alright on my own. Then the very next day, he demands me to pay him back the cab fare for both trips(yes, including the cab he took back home).

    And for my birthday, because he wants to save a few bucks, he went to place an order at another website which ships directly from China. And the gift, ends up to be a belated birthday gift of half a month.

    Then on Valentine's day, he went to buy a jigsaw at a push cart. It cost $12, he went to haggle till $10, 'for the thrill of it' he said.

    No, he's not poor, he is the owner of a successful online business (which allows him to own a car).

    1. hahahaaaaa... thanks for sharing babe. Forr the "thrill" of it indeed... lol

  3. tiffiany3:53 pm

    shucks totally!! can you just say what's this " successful online business " so we can backlash for good! certainly not going to buy anything from him since my sister and i buy online items very frequently. i rather give my money to nice owner who deserve it than to grow this idiot business. i read also angry. the part he purposelly took a cab home is not a sign of chivalry that's coz he knew he can claim from you the next day, "might as well" right. damn...angry max

    yes, he is EX for your eternal goodness! :)

  4. HJ, You describe all the reasons for dumping such males. Anyone so cheap, is not worth one time. The level of cheapness and stingy behaviour will carry over to emotional and personal behaviours that have no other role except being destructive in relationships.

  5. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Hi Holly, thanks for sharing this post. Please so share more of these 'tactics'. I'm pretty green in the dating game but have came across a few jerks.

    There was once my colleague asked me out for dinner on a saturday night. He didn't have any plans on where to go or what to eat and the worst part was his dressing. He wore a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt with jeans and sneakers. I was wearing a LBD. the next thing I know, he brought me to Lawry's for dinner. I tried telling him I preferred Ramen next door (I mean look at his dressing; it's a fine dining restaurant for goodness sake). He went on to say the queue was too long. So we ended up at Lawry's. When we started placing our order, he took out a voucher and asked if it could be used. (like WTF rite?!) So we placed our order. At the end of the dinner, he settled the bill. Now I was in a dilemma. He is buddies with my boss and because I were in the same company I didn't was to have unnecessary rumors. So I asked him, how much was the meal. He said it was $xxx. After that, I went to the ATM, withdrew some money and passed it to him and he GLADLY accepted it. Okay, I mean paid for share nothing more, nothing less. But I was shocked. He was earning much more than me and he insisted on going to an expensive restaurant. Speaks volume huh?

    Another incident I had was when I was overseas, I had dinner with this guy friend who was working (based there; Singaporean). Before even ordering he made it very clear that he is not paying for my share. Fair enough. When the bill came he settled it but I returned him my share in cash. After he received my money he said this: "I'm going to claim the whole dinner from my company expense".

    I don't even know what tactic this is man!

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  7. This post cracked me up, hahaha!!!


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