Oh, I Want It All

Ok so yesterday I ranted about how my husband David never freaking opens the car door for me.
It was nice to hear your opinions on this matter. Some think it's trivial while other scream bloody murder. It was good to hear from both guys and girls... and I especially enjoyed the ones which shared their own/ their partner's ungentlemanly habits. Makes me feel like I'm not alone.

I don't understand why it's like that with car/taxi doors only. He holds opens building doors for me without me ever asking for it.

And my husband is very chivalrous in other ways... like when he doesn't want me to carry the supermarket grocery bags no matter how heavy the load is, he carries it all home while I walk next to him, bare handed. If I keep insisting, he'll give me a really light bag like the one with a loaf of bread in it. He also holds my hand when crossing a busy street.

He likes getting me my favourite foods (bar of my fav choc, yoghurt, sausages, fatty food, etc, etc, etc)... it's almost like he revels in it. So even if I'm not craving that food (or I'm sick of it already), I'll still eat it. I feel bad to deny him the enjoyment of watching me stuff my gob so I always eat it cos I like to see him happy. I think for him, he relates providing me these sources of 'enjoyment' is his act of chivalry and being a provider.

My favourite is in the mornings before he leaves for work... without fail, he will give me a kiss goodbye and tuck me (and Lola) into bed so I can sleep for another hour or so, all snug and comfy. He still does it here, while we are away.

But STILL... I'd really like him to just let me get in the back seat before he does. Lol.


  1. Anonymous1:08 am

    Anonymous1:17 pm from the previous post.

    so just find a time to really tell him how you feel and emphasize that once this changes, you will never bring this up again.

    you yourself can try to praise him the first few times he remembers to let you in first so that he feels his efforts are appreciated.

    of course, if he forgets, remind him gently that he has forgotten the promise he has made to you and try not to get too agitated. haha.=)))

  2. Anonymous7:23 am

    He's a lot better than a whole bunch of guys I know, just from the short entry you've written. Think about the poor wives whose husbands pass wind (both directions) loudly in public!

  3. Well, think of it this way Holly! In certain countries, where there is higher crime, it's actually the chivalrous thing to do for the man to board the cab before you! So that the taxi cannot speed off with you in it. :)

  4. My bf's the same! He has been that way since our first date and no matter how ive shown my displeasure or reminded him on this ungentleman bit, it never changes! So i know exactly how you feel!


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