Whatever Happened to Mark?

Yesterday David and I were at Muddy Murphy's for a drink, and I looked across the bar and saw a familiar face... and then another... and another. They were friends of my ex BF, Mark. I remember that Muddy Murphy's on a late Sunday afternoon (after brunch at the Hyatt) was quite the regular routine for us.

I scanned the crowd, wondering if my ex BF was there too. But he wasn't. I don't think he's in Singapore anymore actually.

After splitting up (for the second time), we did remain very close friends for many many months. Like chatting happily on the phone every day before bedtime kind of close friends. Then it all stopped rather abruptly.

I cannot recall exactly when, or what triggered it. Though I have to admit, it was for the best. Wasn't healthy to be that close.

The last I saw of him was a video his friend emailed me years ago. This was some months before I met David. It was a video of him playing golf (I think in Spain) on his 50th Birthday... and he took a big swing at the ball, he slipped and fell on his back. It was hilarious. He was even laughing at himself... the way he always does. And I replied to his friend thanking him for the video, it was good to see Mark happy, and I also said that I was surprised to receive it because I have not been in contact with my ex for some months now.

And as mysteriously as that video was sent to me, that contact just disappeared too. No reply.

Over the years, I have popped in to his Facebook page to see how he is, but there have been no updates, so I stopped looking a long while ago.

It's strange though. I even wonder if he's still alive and well.

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