I've become SO DEPENDENT on my Husband!

I never realised it until today but I've become so dependent on my husband.

On a whim, and pretty last minute, he decided that we should go to Phuket for a few days to relax. We have quite a few friends there, so it is one of our more common holiday destinations.
Our first holiday in Phuket together (August 2011)
But this time round, I thought about my work load (which is often 10 times worse once I get back from any holiday) and I thought, nah, I rather just stay and finish up some work, I also have a meeting already scheduled for this Monday. But I looked at my husband and felt that I shouldn't deprive him of a break and he does need one. 

So I booked him a flight and hotel near his friends... and while doing it, I was secretly looking forward to just having quiet time to myself. Just me. No one to bug me while I work. 

He left for Phuket this morning. And by mid day, I started to miss him. I had tonnes to do.. I did all the laundry and ironing. I changed all the bedsheets. I worked on my lap top for an hour. I did supermarket shopping lugging back laundry detergent, toilet paper, the works. I cooked chicken macaroni soup. I watched TWO movies and an episode of Absolutely Fabulous.

But the day has just been inching by.

I don't understand how I got to this point. I mean for the first 30 years of my life, I was a single. And even after meeting David and during the year we were engaged, we have both been away overseas without each other. But I've never missed him like I do now.

He called a few times today (one was to ask me for the code to the hotel safe, WTF? Haha.. he forgot the code he set, and asked me if I knew what it could have been. Went through the few usual suspects for number sequences we usually use for hotel safes and it turned out to be my birthday). Ah... I guess he's grown to be dependent on me too.


  1. Anonymous1:11 am

    aww... that's sweet - you guys feeling something's missing without each other!

    How about making up for it with phone sex?

    And it's time to re-aquaint yourself with Mr Dildo too. I'm sure it'll guarantee your enjoyment on the quiet time with yourself.

    Go for it!

  2. That is so sweet that he set the password to your birthday without realising it. He must have missed you heaps too.


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