White Formula Hyaluronic Acid range

White Formula is here in Singapore with its moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid range!! This is another hit from Taiwan’s President Pharmaceutical Corp, the company that brought us the highly acclaimed facial masks, My Beauty Diary.
White Formula Moisturizing Range with Hyaluronic Acid contains 3 unique types of Hyaluronic Acid
1. SODIUM HYALURONATE hydrates the skin surface forming a protective layer.
2. HYALO-OLIGO™ permeates skin surface to form a water reservoir in skin epidermis.
3. SYN®-HYCAN  penetrates deeply and targets dry skin cells for complete hydration. It actively seeks collagen within skin epidermis to stimulate its regeneration enhancing skin elasticity.

This product range is developed with gentle ingredients containing no fragrance, no alcohol, no colorant and low irritation, making them suitable even for sensitive skin. Today I want to share with you my review on the Super Moist Toner and the Super Moist Light Toner from this range. You can get it at Sasa, Guardian or Watsons, $19.90 for 290ml bottle, it's so affordable.
There are two types of toner to choose from. The Super Moist Toner is for normal to dry skin types, this is the one I use. It's very moisturising, and leaves my skin feeling so dewy and supple. 

There's also the Super Moist Light Toner is for normal to oily/combination skin types. This lighter version is perfect if you tend to have oily skin and want something that's absorbed quickly, leaving a non greasy finish.

This is how I incorporate White Formula's Super Moist Toner into my skincare routine.
First I cleanse my face and dab dry with a towel. Cleansing removes impurities and is the very first step of my skincare routine. You can use your regular cleanser or try the White Formula Facial Foaming Cleanser.
The next step is using the moisturising toner of your choice (White Formula Super Moist Toner or Super Moist Light Toner). Put a small amount on your palm, and then apply it onto your face and neck area with firm circular motions... starting from the central t-zone, moving towards the outer edges.
White Formula Super Moist Toner and Super Moist Light Toner are moisturizing toners that moisturize your skin and prepare it for better absorption of a moisturizer (Essence/Gel/Lotion).

I have dry and sensitive skin so I use the White Formula Super Moist Toner. This toner refreshes my skin my making it feel supple and dewy. The product is absorbed well, and there's no uncomfortable greasy feeling. In fact, I apply my moisturiser straight after, and then go ahead with applying my make up. I have found that with the added moisture and suppleness to my skin, my foundation actually sits better, and has a smoother finish. I totally love it! I'm planning on trying the other products in this range soon, since this one works so well on me. 
This product truly enables my skin to get the optimum level of moisture, it feels great not to have dull dry skin! My skin feels better and better with each application. It looks smoother, firmer and more supple too.

If you want to try this product, you can get it at SaSa, Watsons and Guardian. Or you can redeem a FREE White Formula Super Moist Toner sample and Super Moist Light Toner sample aSampleStore.com right now, while stocks last.

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P/S- White Formula Super Moist Toner and Super Moist Light Toner has also been strongly recommended by Taiwan’s celebrity beauty experts including Naruko, Kevin and Liu Yan teachers on Taiwan’s popular Beauty Queen Show.


  1. Anonymous7:21 am

    Holly, you seem to have a good skin but lately you have been 'soft touching' all pictures and I think you have over done it, especially with #3 picture in this post. Show readers your true beauty as some pictures are looking just very strange.

    1. My new camera has a portrait mode and it detects and auto softens faces. I also put it on timer as I hv no one home to help me snap pics. So I can't see or adjust the focusing while my pic is being taken :( . Noted though, and will use less of this mode in future :)

  2. How long have you been using this? :) where did you purchase it from?

  3. Great review, Holly! I just discovered this Toner on eBay and made an offer for it. I hope I get it! I'm always looking out for hydrating/moisturizing toners, because I have combination/dry skin. It looks refreshing. I can't wait to try it. :-)


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